What is TradeSkillMaster

TradeSkillMaster or TSM are two very common words when you start your journey as a gold maker in World of Warcraft. But what is it? In this first step of the journey, I will explain to you what TradeSkillMaster is, how it works, and what it can do for you.


TradeSkillMaster is an add-on in World of Warcraft that will give gold making a whole other dimension. It’s not just an ordinary gold-making add-on that helps you buy and sell fast. It’s also your accountant, stockbroker, analyst, and warehouse manager in one. One of the great things about TradeSkillMaster is that you don’t need to scan the auction house. Instead, TradeSkillMaster uses the data from World of Warcraft (API) to get info on quantity, posted prices, and post time on the auction house.

This add-on also does;

  • Recording of your purchase and sales
  • Calculates your estimated profit 
  • It tells when it is profitable to craft if you are running out of stock
  • Shows posted pricing data of your realm and region
  • and much more

How Does TradeSkillMaster Work?

To get the most out of the TradeSkillMasters add-on, you will need to learn how it works. For example, items need to be placed into a group, and a group will need an operation(s) that will tell what to do with the items in that group.

You can only put items in one group per TradeSkillMaster profile. Still, You can use the same operation on different groups.

These are the types of operations:

  • Auctioning (selling)
  • Crafting
  • Mailing
  • Shopping (buying)
  • Sniper (active buying)
  • Vendoring (vendor selling)
  • Warehousing (moving items for banks and guild banks)

Data Flow

TradeSkillMaster works with data from the World of Warcraft database (API) and data from TradeSkillMaster users. With this data, TradeSkillMaster can calculate different price sources like realm, region prices, or sale rates.

This image on the right shows the data flow between you, World of Warcraft, and TradeSkillMaster.