Price Sources

Price sources in TradeSkillMaster are based on different situations. Each has its value and can help a lot with gold-making if you know how to use them.

This guide will explain to you;

  • What these price sources are.
  • How these are calculated.
  • How you can use these price sources.

Auctioning and Accounting Price Sources

Each material or item in-game has its price depending on which source you are looking at.

Most straightforward price sources are fixed like 1s, 100g or 350g57s that you can use for operations, but they aren’t dynamic as all the others are. Many of those different dynamic price sources are based on current posted items and materials on the auction house or other TradeSkillMaster users.

All price sources are different from each other but mostly are calculated as an average price. For example, when you see the word Region, it means every realm on the same continent, like EU or NA.

You can see the different price sources in the TradeSkillMaster tooltip that you can enable in the tooltip settings.

Take this Mithril Bar for an example that has three different kinds of price source categories;

  • Auction House Data is the data that TradeSkillMaster receives from the World of Warcraft servers every few hours.
  • TradeSkillMaster User Data is the Accounting data from all TradeSkillMaster users.
  • Accounting Data (Personal Data) is from all your purchases and sales on the auction house that TradeSkillMaster records.
Auction House Data

You can use these codes of the price sources in operations to determine a price value. In some of these codes have a capital letter in them. The codes are not capital sensitive so write them in any way you want.

  • Min Buyout or DBMinBuyout is the lowest posted price on your realm. It’s a very vulnerable source but very precise. Not recommend for the matPrice string.
  • Market Value or DBMarket is an average posted price of an item on a realm for 14 days. It’s great for current content but tricky for older content. The lesser something gets posted, the easier the value can change it. For more detailed info on DBMarket, check out this link.
  • Historical Price or DBHistorical is an average posted price of an item on your realm for 60 days. It gives you an idea of what’s happening on your realm with current content.
  • Region Market Value Average or DBRegionMarketAvg is the average posted price of an item in your region for 14 days. Great for old content and to see how your realm fits in the region. It can also give you an indication of how much you can push in price.
  • Region Historical Price or DBRegionHistorical is the average posted price of an item in your region for 60 days. It can give you an idea of how a market is going in your region.
TradeSkillMaster Users Data
  • Region Sale Average or DBRegionSalaAvg is the average region sell price of an item by TradeSkillMaster users for 14 days. It shows the actual average sales in your region but only from TradeSkillMaster users.
Personal Data
  • Minimum Buy Price or minBuy is the lowest price you ever paid for that item.
  • Average Buy Price or avgBuy is the average price you have bought the item.
  • Maximum Buy Price or maxBuy is the highest price you ever paid for that item.
  • Smart Average Buy Price or SmartAvgBuy is the average of all the prices you have bought the item for and are still holding.
    If you sell or craft with the amount you hold, the Smart Average Buy Price will become blank. It’s a great price source to use for flipping.
  • Minimum Sell Price or minSell is the lowest price you sold the item.
  • Average Sell Price or avgSell is the average sell price you have sold the item.
  • Maximum Sell Price or maxSell is the highest price you sold the item.

Crafting Cost and Material Price

The crafting cost and material price have a couple of things in common;

  • Every crafting price can be a material price.
  • Every item that is used for crafting is also a material.
  • The crafting cost is made up of one or more material prices.

Material Price

A material price is for calculating the crafting cost so that you can see if you are making a profit or not. In the Default Material Cost Method, you use a single price source or string to determine the material price per item. You can also use a different price source or string per item individually. You can find the default value in the TradeSkillMaster settings at ‘Crafting’ (see on the left).

For example, min ( vendorbuy, crafting, dbmarket ) is the Default Material Cost Method string. The min = is a function and means: it will pick the lowest priced source of all the price sources between these two ( ). Whichever is lower will be used as the material price of, and material also called matPrice.

Crafting Cost

The crafting cost or crafting is one or more matPrice depending on what the craft is.

For example, to make a Mithril Bar, you need one Mithril Ore. We use min ( vendorbuy, crafting, dbmarket) to see what the matPrice of the Mithril Bar is.

  1. Vendorbuy; can’t be used because Mithril Ore because you can’t buy it from a vendor.
  2. Crafting; you can smelt a Mithril Bar with a Mithril Ore, so depending on what matPrice is of the Mithril Ore will tell what the Crafting Cost is.
    Let’s say for now it is 2g17s.
  3. DBMarket (Market Value); because you can post a Mithril Bar on the auction house, it has a Market Value.
    Let’s say the Market Value of the Mithril Bar on realm X is 4g82s.


In this case, it will pick the crafting source because it has a value of 2g17s, which is the lowest of the three price sources. So the matPrice of the Mithril Bar is 2g17s.

Let’s pick the Mechanical Repair Kit that requires these materials: 1x Mithril Bar, 1x Mageweave Cloth and 1x Solid Blasting Powder.

  1. We already know the Mithril Bar matPrice is 2g17s.
  2. Mageweave Cloth can’t be bought from a vendor or crafted, so it will use the DBMarket of, let’s say, 99s.
  3. You can craft a Solid Blasting Powder can and buy it from the auction house (DBMarket), so whichever of the two is cheaper will be used as the matPrice. Let’s say crafting it is cheaper and will cost 2g11s to craft.


If we count it up, we get 5g27s as the Crafting Cost of the Mechanical Repair Kit. If you used the crafting price source for the Mechanical Repair Kit, the price would be 5g27s.

Destroy Values

The Destroy value is the calculated value of materials you get from destroying them based on the DBMarket.
There are three ways to Destroy an item if you don’t count vendoring as one of them;
  1. Disenchanting (destroying gear for dust, shards and crystals)
  2. Milling (destroying herbs for pigments)
  3. Prospecting (destroying ore for uncut gems)


When you open up a profession window in TSM mode or enable them as a tooltip in the tooltip settings, You can find the values.

Vendor Prices

Items like reagents for crafting have a vendorbuy price. It’s the price of an item that you can buy from a vendor.

When you sell an item or material to a vendor, you get a vendorsell price. Keep in mind that not all times can be sold to a vendor and will not have a vendorsell price.

What Price Source to Use?

It’s not always a straightforward question that you can answer. First, it depends on how you obtained the material or item. Did you farm it, craft it, bought it? If you crafted the item and bought the materials, you want to use Crafting as a price source, so you don’t sell under the crafting price you paid. If you are someone that wants to flip, then you want you to use SmartAvgBuy. It’s a price source that will let you sell for your average buying price so you won’t lose gold on your flipping.

The lesser something gest posted on the auction house, the easier it will manipulate the price like the Market Value. In that case, you want to avoid DBMarket and start focussing on the DBHistorical or DBRegionMartketAvg price sources. These prices sources are more stable and aren’t that easy to manipulate in value, especially the Region Value.

I would recommend trying things out and asking for feedback from other gold-makers who use the TradeSkillMaster add-on.

If you want to read more about the price sources, I recommend checking out the TradeSkillMaster information page.