With Operations, you can set the rules for the groups that contain the items. In this guide, I am gonna show you how to create them and use them.

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What is an Operation?

To make full use of the TradeSkillMaster addon, you gonna have to use operations. These are the rules and commands that are based on preferences.

When to sell, amount to sell, maximum sell price, maximum buy price, when to craft, amount to craft, who to mail it to.’

All kinds of rules you can set in TradeSkillMaster to make your gold making more efficient. These are the type of operations you can use;

  • Auctioning
  • Crafting
  • Mailing
  • Shopping
  • Sniper
  • Vendoring
  • Warehousing

How to Create and Add an Operation

Creating an operation is almost the same as creating a group. But there are a couple of ways you can create an operation.

All types of operations work in the same way, as shown here below.

Create, Duplicate, and Delete an Operation

  1. Open TradeSkillMaster by clicking the icon at the minimap or type in chat /TSM
  2. Go to Operations
  3. Select the type of operation you want to make (left bar)
  4. There are two places you can create an operation by clicking on the circle with a + in it
  5. Here you can see how many groups and items are connected to an operation
  6. You can Select All, Clear All when you want to Delete multiple operations

Here you can delete single operations or duplicate them. First, select the operation so it will show you the icons for duplicating or deleting the operation.

Creating and Adding an Operation to a Group

  1. Open TradeSkillMaster by clicking the icon at the minimap or type in chat /TSM
  2. Go to Groups
  3. Select the group that needs the operation
  4. Go to the tab operations
  5. Enable ‘Override Parent Operations‘ and click on ‘Add More Operations’
  1. A new window will pop up.
  2. You can search for a new exciting operation and ‘Add Operation‘ or ‘Create New Operation
  1. Open an operation and scroll all the way down.
  2. Here you can add multiple operations and remove them.

Renaming an Operation

Renaming an operation can be done by selecting it, click the pen icon, and rename it.

Importing and Exporting Operations

The last way to get operations is by importing groups that include operations. So, again, don’t forget to enable ‘Include Operations’ and hit ‘Import.’ Exporting your operations can only be done through groups. Hit the ‘Export‘ icon and enable include operations and custom sources.

Ignoring Operations on Characters & Realms

Sometimes you don’t want certain operations to show up, like auctioning, shopping, crafting, or any other type of operation. Maybe you want to keep it clean and organized.

You can select characters and realms where the operation should not appear.

Linking Operations

In TradeSkillMaster, you can link the functions of an operation with other functions of the same kind of operation. This way, you can make changes in one operation that will affect other linked functions for multiple operations. You can make a ‘Master and Slave’ that will let you control multiple operations from one.

Here below, you can see the ‘link icon.’ After clicking the link icon, a dropdown window will show you select the operation you want to link. After it is linked, the function will turn grey, and the link icon will become yellow. You can undo a link by clicking the link icon again and selecting the marked yellow operation.


Operations can be overwhelming when it comes to having a lot of them. Finetuning your TradeSkillMaster profile is excellent, but it doesn’t overdo it by making it an operation for every group, but that is a personal preference. Also, ignoring operations that aren’t needed for certain characters can make it look cleaner.

See; Ignoring Operations on Characters & Realms.

I don’t recommend using other people’s operations unless you know what it is and what it does. Operations are based on TradeSkillMaster user, realm, and product. Try to make them yourself so you can adjust or fix them when needed and that they fit your realm and market.