Groups & Items

In this tutorial, I will explain the rules of items in groups, how to make groups & subgroups, how to add and move items in groups.

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The Rules of Items & Groups

In TradeSkillMaster, items need to be in groups to have rules (operations) assigned. This way, you can manage multiple items. You don’t need to set an operation on every item you want for buying, selling, crafting, or moving.

You can only put items in one group per TradeSkillMaster profile, except for items with variations like armor, weapons, and pets. For those items, the rules counts per variation of the same type.

How to Make a Group and Subgroup

Making multiple groups helps you to define items and put them together based on your preference. These groups can also be subcategorized, called subgroups.

Making a Group

  1. Open TradeSkillMaster by clicking the icon at the minimap or type in chat /TSM.
  2. Go to Groups
  3. Click on the square + icon shown on the right.
  • It’s a ‘Parent Group
  • Now click on the circle + icon in the parent group.
  • It’s a ‘Subgroup
  • You can remove a group by clicking on the trashcan. For example, removing a Parent Group will also remove any attached Subgroup.


Every group that has a group attached to it is called a ‘Parent Group.’

Every group that is attached to another group is called a ‘Subgroup.’

Renaming a Group

You can put as many subgroups on a parent as you want, and even subgroups can have subgroups.

Removing a parent group will also remove the connected subgroups.

You can rename a group by selecting the group and click the pen icon here below, shown in the image.

Moving Groups

Sometimes you need to reorder your TradeSkillMaster profile, and you can do that by moving groups. For example, you can move a (sub)group by clicking, holding it, and drag it to another parent group. You can also make it a parent group by dragging it to the ‘Base Group.’ In addition, you can make all parent groups into subgroups by dragging them to an existing group.

Adding Items to a Group

There are a couple of ways to add one or more items to a group.

  1. Items that you are carrying on you
  2. Using TradeSkillMaster database search
  3. Import

Items from Bags

You can add items you are carrying on you to the group by clicking on the group you want to add. It can happen with ungrouped items or already grouped items like in a parent group. You can move multiple items by clicking on one of these icons. After you have done that, hit the add button at the bottom to add the selected items.

Add Items from the TradeSkillMaster Database

Another way of adding items to your groups is by using the database search in the TradeSkillMaster addon.

Go to Groups and select ‘Base Group.’ Here you can search from items by using keywords, names, or filters. These can also be combined.

Here you can ‘Ignore variations‘ of certain items. More explained at ‘Item Variations.’

Select the items you want to move or hit the ‘select all‘ button. After you are done selecting, select the group and hit ‘Move Items‘ after.

More about using filters can be found here.

Item Variations

Items like gear and pets can have variations in stats and levels. However, when it comes to transmog, stats don’t matter. The best thing to do when posting a piece of transmog is doing without variable stats. These items will cover any variation when it comes to posting or shopping.

Before adding a pet or transmog without stats to a group, you will have to enable ‘Ignore variations‘ first.

If you want to move items from a subgroup to a parent group, you select the items and then hold a shift. The button ‘Remove Items’ will change into ‘Move Items.’

Importing and Exporting Groups & Items

The last option is importing groups with items. You can obtain these groups from different sources like the TradeSkillMaster website.

In groups, you can hit the import icon. If you have already grouped items, it will ask you to move them to the new group you are about to import. It also counts for the operations and customs sources.

If that all is done, you can hit the ‘Import‘ button and done. Do check where the group is and if it has the name you wanted.

Exporting your groups can be done by selecting the groups and hit the ‘Export‘ icon. With exporting also comes the question of adding in specific subgroups, operations, and custom sources.


Renaming and building up your groups is totally up to you. You need to work with them, so make them like you want them to work for you, and if you are not happy with them after some time, change them.

It’s OK to check out other groups for ideas or inspiration, but make them yours.

You can make as many profiles if you want to, and they can all be used on different servers as well. Maybe you want to make a profile for just farming, crafting, flipping or just one profile to cover them all is up to you how you want to make it.