Auctioning can be a very effective tool for selling one or multiple items at once without doing the math yourself. That is why setting up an auctioning operation is a crucial task. In this tutorial, I hope I can give you enough information to do them yourself.

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What is Auctioning

Auctioning is where all the selling and cancelling is done based on your preferences. To make the auctioning function work, you first have to set up an auction operation. In the auctioning operations, you set the posting time, the amount you want to post, the prices, and more.

Auctioning Operation

An auctioning operation is a build-out of 3 parts.

  • Details
  • Posting
  • Cancelling


Ignore Operations by Duration

Here you can set an ignore based on the duration of the cheapest poster. If a seller has a post that only has 30 minutes left to stay on, you may not want to undercut that post. It could be the follow-up post is higher in value, and you want to undercut that.

Blacklisted Players

If there is a specific player you want to undercut, then you can do so by filling in his or her name. The realm name is not needed. Now you will always undercut this person when he comes into your price range.


Posting Options

Auction Duration

The duration of items you want to post on the auction house. You can choose between 12, 24, or 48 hours.

Post Cap

The maximum amount of items per auction at the same price.

Amount Kept in Bags

Suppose you want to keep an amount in your bags that you are selling. You can set it here.

Example: You have 20 in your bags, and the amount kept in your bags is 10. The post cap for the auction house is 20. In this case, you will only post 10 of that item on the auction house. Kept in bags will always have priority.

Don’t Post After This Many Expires.

Items that don’t get sold will return to the mailbox. These are expired. If you have set the maximum of expires, TradeSkillMaster won’t be posting it anymore. 0 disables that.

Posting Price

Set Bid As Percentage of Buyout

You can make a sale without a buyout on the auction house. If the buyout price is 120 gold and you have set it at 50%, then the bid price will be 60 gold.

Undercut Amount

It’s the value you want to undercut in price based on the seller you can undercut.

Pricing in an auctioning operation works as a threshold. ‘What should happen if’ is the way it works. You set the threshold value by putting in a hardcoded price like here below in the minimum price ‘100g’, or you can use a price source or a combination.

Minimum Price

The minimum price is the threshold you set for TradeSkillMaster to react. Here in this example, 100 gold (100g) is the minimum. If the cheapest item on the auction is below 100g, then TradeSkillMaster will perform an action based on the ‘When Below Minimum‘ setting.

Maximum Price

The maximum price you set for the threshold. Here it is set to 200g, which means if the cheapest posted item is above 200g, TradeSkillMaster will perform an action based on the ‘When Above Maximum‘ setting. If the cheapest one is 180g, then TradeSkillMaster will undercut at 180g.

Normal Price

Normal price basically means if there is non of the items posted on the auction house. For what price will you post it. In this example, the price would be 150g.

If the cheapest item is below (as in the example) 100g…

Don’t Post Items

TradeSkillMaster won’t post your item.

Post at Minimum Price

TradeSkillMaster will post it for 100g.

Post at Maximum Price

TradeSkillMaster will post it for 200g.

Post at Normal Price

TradeSkillMaster will post it for 150g.

Ignore Auctions Below Min

TradeSkillMaster will keep undercutting the cheapest post, even if it’s below 100g.

  • The minimum price is never allowed to be higher than the normal price.
  • The normal price is never allowed to be higher than the maximum price.
  • Putting in an invalid value will make the borders go red in the price boxes.

These settings also apply when the cheapest items are posted above your maximum price.


Cancel Undercut Auctions

If your auction gets undercut in position or price on the auction house, you can cancel your auction on the auction house to repost it again. It can be disabled.

Cancel to Repost Higher

If your auction on the auction house the cheapest one and the follow-up auction is higher in price than yours, you could cancel it and repost it for more. Here you can set a minimum value for TradeSkillMaster to tell you to cancel. It can be disabled.


With the new auction house, you don’t need to undercut in value anymore. Doing this will lower the value of an item and won’t mean that You won’t undercut yourself anymore. The chance is more significant that you will get less value for it.

Auctioning at the Auction House

You can post and cancel fast items based on prices and rules you have set with an auctioning operation.


Talk to an auctioneer at the auction house and go to the page ‘Auctioining’. You should see all the groups on the left that have an auctioning operation attached. Here you can select or deselect the groups you want to do a post or cancel scan on.

Parent groups can be opened or collapsed by clicking on the arrows on the left. At the top, you can see two buttons that will open or collapse all groups and one that will select or deselect all groups.

At the bottom, you can choose to run a post scan or run a cancel scan.

Recently scans can be used and saved as favourites and renamed.

You can also select separate items in your bags in a group with an auctioning operation attached.

Posting Scan

  • All the items that are in the selected groups. Info will say the action TradeSkillMaster takes based on the operation settings.
  • The progress bar shows how much has been posted. Next to that is the post and skip button that will post or skip the selected item.
  • Here you can find the info about the item that is getting posted. With the edit button, you can change the settings of the item.
  • It will exit the full scan.
  • Here you can switch between your posting log or the currently posted data by other sellers.

Cancel Scan

  • All the items that are in the selected groups.
  • The info will say the action TradeSkillMaster takes based on the operation settings.
  • The progress bar shows how much is posted. Next to that is the cancel and skip button that will cancel or skip the selected item.

Be Aware

Blizzard put in a throttle system for auction house addons. After scanning and posting 100 items, the throttle is activated which makes the scan pause for a short period of time. You can still post when the scan is on pause. With posting, there is a short second between each post. The best thing is to wait a minute before you start posting again.

The same is with canceling. After 60 cancels the throttle comes in and will put a couple of seconds between each cancel. Here it is best to wait 2-3 minutes before you start posting again.