TradeSkillMaster In-Game Community (non-official)

The TradeSkillMaster in-game community is a place to hangout, chat about gold making, and TradeSkillMaster info while playing the game. It is not an official part of TradeSkillMaster, but for simple question you are always welcome. We also update you about the latest TradeSkillMaster and economy changes. You are welcome to join.

This community is not meant for raids, dungeons, pvp, or farming events.

Because we are a non-official TradeSkillMaster community, we do recommend going to the official TradeSkillMaster and WoW Economy Discord if you have any questions or difficulties with the TradeSkillMaster addon.

We do have some rules:

  • Be kind to each other and help each other if possible.
  • No racism.
  • No (sexual) harassment.
  • Any kind of threat is not tolerated.
  • Advertisement of activities that are not allowed in World of Warcraft or by Blizzard. 
  • Posting of links that can be harmful or have to do with any kind of situation mentioned here above.

Leaders and moderators of the TradeSkillMaster in-game communities are allowed to remove you and alts from the in-game TradeSkillMaster community if you violate any of these rules.


To Join this Community:

  1. Copy the invite code.
  2. Log in to World of Warcraft with the character that you want to join the Community with.
  3. Navigate to Guilds and Communities.
  4. Click on “Join Community”.
  5. Paste the code from this clipboard into the blank field and click “Join”.

EU Alliance

NA Alliance

EU Horde

NA Horde

Alt characters are allowed to join the community.

Keep in mind that the EU Horde, NA Alliance, and NA Horde communities are pretty new so please give it some time to grow. Help is always welcome.

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