TradeSkillMaster & Gold Making Coaching

One-on-one coaching can help you much better than just watching a YouTube video or reading from a website. New to gold making, TradeSkillMaster, or an advanced gold maker? You are welcome for some coaching if you want, and it’s 100% free of charge, and it will only cost you some time and attention.

TradeSkillMaster & Gold Making Coaching

What You Will Be Learning

The idea behind this coaching is that you will learn how to get in that gold-making mindset, using the Undermine Journal website and using the TradeSkillMaster addon.

Can I guarantee you that you will become a way better gold maker or TradeSkillMaster user? No, that depends on the person and experience. Still, I will try to get you to that next level of gold making and TradeSkillMaster usage.

This one-on-one coaching is for you to understand and see how it all works.

Sign up and Rules

There are some rules and requirements for this live coaching;

  1. You will need to be 18 years old or older.
  2. Decent enough in the English language or Dutch.
  3. Communication software Discord is installed on your PC and ready for use. We will use this program for screen capturing your World of Warcraft game. 
  4. A microphone with decent quality and volume so I can hear you.
  5. TradeSkillMaster installed and ready for use.
  6. I will not share my profiles, groups, operations, or custom material prices. Part of the coaching is to do the research and creating it yourself.
  7. As in gold making, I can only help you with crafting and flipping (single and multiple servers).
  8. Being late for an appointment or a cancel can happen, as long as you let me know 15 minutes before our appointment.
  9. I don’t take any money, gold, or gifts for this. These coaching sessions are 100% free. Of course, you can always donate if you want, but don’t feel that you need to do it.
  10. We will plan a time and date during the first contact.
  11. Coaching will not take place on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays.
  12. The duration of a coaching session may take between 1 hour and 1,5 hours.
  13. Any insults or bad-mouthing me will end the coaching session and future planned ones instantly. Call
How to Signup?

Sign up here below, and I will get in contact with you on Discord as soon as possible (this can take 48 hours). Make sure that;

  • I can add or message you on Discord.
  • That your Discord name is spelled correctly (like caps, spaces, and all)