TradeSkillMaster and Gold Making Coaching

Getting one on one coaching can help you much better than to just watch a YouTube video or read from a website. If you are new to gold making or TradeSkillMaster or if you are pretty advanced. You are welcome for some coaching if you want to. It’s 100% free of charge, it will only cost you some time and attention.

TradeSkillMaster & Gold Making Coaching

What You Will Learn

The idea behind this coaching is that you will learn how to make full operations and understand what to pick. Optimize (sub)groups to make your work more effective in the way you like it. Learn how advanced you can make your TradeSkillMaster profile for you and learn to it all by yourself. The gold making mindset, how you can improve, and how to think and look at markets/economy.

Can I guarantee you that you will become a way better gold maker or TradeSkillMaster user? No, that really depends on the person and experience, but I will try to get you to that next level of gold making and TradeSkillMaster usage.

This one on one coaching is meant for you to understand and see how it all works.

Sign up and Rules

There are some rules and requirements for this live coaching;

  1. You need to be 18 years old or older.
  2. Decent enough in the English language or Dutch.
  3. Communication software Discord installed on your PC and ready for use. This software will also be used to screen capture your World of Warcraft game. 
  4. A microphone with decent quality and volume so I can hear you clearly.
  5. TradeSkillMaster installed and set up on your pc.
  6. You need to have a minimum knowledge of using TradeSkillMaster. Making (sub)groups and putting items in them, making an operation (without a price source), and adding it to a group. Know how to work with the TradSkillMaster settings a bit.
  7. I will not share my profiles, groups, operations, or custom material prices. Part of the coaching is to do the research and creating it yourself.
  8. As in gold making, I can only help you with crafting and flipping (single and multiple servers).
  9. Being late for an appointment can happen, as long as you let me know 15 minutes before our appointment.
  10. I don’t take any kind of money, gold, or gifts for this. These coaching sessions are free.
  11. The coaching days are on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  12. What time the live coaching will take place is something we have to talk about with the first contact.
  13. The duration of a coaching session is between 1 and 1,5 hours.
  14. Any kind of insults or bad mouthing me will end instantly the coaching session and future planned ones.
  15. I’m not your Bro or Bruh, just call me Jack.


Sign up here below and I will get in contact with you on Discord as soon as possible.

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