Titanium & Saronite Ore

Titanium and Saronite Prices During Pre-Patch

With the upcoming pre-patch 9.0.2, there will be more activity in Icecrown. That means that the Titanium and Saronite should be dropping in price during the Shadowlands pre-patch.

What's is Going to Happen?

Soon World of Warcraft will go into pre-patch 9.0.2 and that will mean new quests, gear, and a 34 slot bag. You can read more about patch 9.0.2 here.

Pre-patch 9.0.2 will take place in Icecrown, Northrend and that means also more possibility of people mining for Saronite Ore and Titanium Ore. This will mean we will see prices of this ore dropping on the auction house because the amount will increase. On some realms, it will take a day or 2 and on some realms, it may not even happen (low pop reals). So keep your eyes open to invest in these lower-priced ore.

Titanium, Saronite, and Elements

These materials will be dropping in value in the first days of the new pre-patch;

This will also result in more and lower prices of these materials on the auction house;

Titanium, Saronita and you could check often for cheap Titansteel bars.


If you don’t want to (only) sell the materials, then you may want to use them for crafting these items instead;

What to Do?

Try and take advantage of the situation and snoop some good cheap deals for later that can be sold in Shadowlands. It will take a couple of weeks until the prices bounce back to normal.

TSM Import String (operations included)

Here you can copy the TSM import strings for buying and selling the items mentioned here above.

Keep in mind that these imports can replace some of your already grouped items. Disable it if you don’t want that to happen.


Crafted Mounts

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