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The WoW Economists Podcast Episode 1#

Come and listen to our very first episode of the wow economists podcast, with Shay, The Lazy Goldmaker, Hikons, Samadan, and myself Jack the Dipper.

Episode #1 of The WoW Economists Podcast

We are happy to announce our very first gold making podcast, The WoW Economists. The WoW Economists is a podcast for every gold maker in WoW that wants to know more about certain subjects of gold making. We do interviews, discuss answer questions, and share some tips about gold making in this podcast.

In every episode, we will invite 1 or 2 guests to join us on the show to talk about a certain style or mindset of gold making. Each episode will also have a different theme. This can be farming, crafting flipping gold making theory. Anything with gold making.

But because this our very first episode, we invited 3 very well-known gold makers in WoW.

The host of this show is Shay. Shay is the community moderator for the WoW Economy Discord and the Wow Economy Reddit. Here can also be other great gold makers and content, so go check that out.

I myself will be the co-host for a lot of the WoW Economists podcast.

In this first podcast we talk about;

  1. Shadowlands
  2. Relics of the Past
  3. BfA gold making and the COVID situation
  4. The Long Boi
  5. The new bags that are coming to Shadowlands

I hope you enjoy(ed) this very first podcast of The WoW Economists. Keep in mind that this was our very first podcast and we still have to tweak and fine-tune everything.

When we are gonna do a new episode, will let you know threw Twitter or Reddit where you can ask you’re question based on the themes episode. But if you really want to be the first to listen, get priority for the Q&A, or just want to support us. Then go to our Patreon page and sign up!

See ya next time!

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