The New Shadowlands Bags

The New 30 & 32 Slot Bags In Shadowlands

New bags coming into Shadowlands. The Shrouded Cloth Bag (30) and the Lightless Silk Pouch (32). These can be crafted by a tailor, but what will that mean for the Hexweave Bag, Deep Sea Embroidered Deep Sea Bags?

The New Bags In Shadowlands

We just got the news that there will be 2 new bags coming to Shadowlands that can be crafted by tailors and may become very interesting and create new opportunities.

To craft the Shrouded Cloth Bag you need to have Shadowlands tailoring skill at 15.

To craft the Lightless Silk Pouch you need to have Shadowlands tailoring skill at 65.

What Does This Mean For The Other 30 Crafted Slot Bags?

I can assume that the categories 30 slots bag is gonna have some light competition, but let’s see how they all are crafted.

In early Shadowlands the Shrouded Cloth Bag won’t be cheap, but mid-game it may be cheaper to craft than the Deep Sea Bag.

What About The 32 Slot Bags?

Now this can become very interesting and we may have winners early in Shadowlands. Here is why I think that.

The New None Crafted Bags

There may be some obstacles coming when the Shadowlands pre-patch releases. Papa’s Mint Condition Bag is a 34 slot bag that will fill a bag slot for characters and that means 1 bag less to sell. Every slot less is maybe a 250 gold – 450 gold less. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but if we talk about 20 characters, then those numbers are gonna look different. Luckily this bag can only be obtained during the pre-patch and doesn’t have a 100% drop chance from Bronjahm.

Another one of those bags is the Portable Pocket Dimension and this is a 32 slot bag that drops from Artificer Xy’mox in the Castle Nathria raid, but so far no info about the drop chance.


Before we all go running around in a panic because of the new bags, keep calm. We still don’t know what the material prices will be in Shadowlands. Maybe the Battle for Azeroth materials will drop in price because it’s more lucrative to farm then or they go up because of the new relic system.

I do recommend to still buy Deep Sea Satin and Tidespray linen so you can craft the Deep Sea Bags for pre-patch and early Shadowlands for new and returning players. I don’t see the Shrouded Cloth Bags will win the battle in early Shadowlands.

Don’t forget to pick up Papa’s Mint Condition Bag from Bronjahm for all your characters.

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