The Goldshire | Weekly Gold Making News #1

Starting something new. Every Friday I will summon up the week on what I think is interesting to share with you in the world of gold making. News, markets, and the wow token prices. Hope you enjoy this very first edition.

The Goldshire Weekly Gold Making News

Monelite Mania

The prices of the Monelite Ore have risen a lot since The Lazy Goldmaker started it and Manthieus made a video about it.

From the Lazy Goldmakers post; An item has recently come on my radar as being a prime candidate for flipping. Monelite ore is a material from Battle for Azeroth that is still very useful and is barely farmed, making it perfect for market resets.

Monelite ore is used in a couple of very relevant recipes. The biggest ones are the Xiwyllag ATV and Light-Step Hoofplates. The mount still sells incredibly well, and it requires about 200 Monelite Ore. I generally can sell the mounts as fast as I craft and post them, so they are definitely still very much in demand.

Here on the left, you can see the effect that has been taken place on the EU and US regions. The quantity (red) is dropping and the value  (blue) is rising. However, in the US, you can see a bigger impact.

Now the question is, is the demand real or is it the hype? One thing is for sure if you can buy any cheap, do it now. In most cases, it won’t be a huge investment or risk.

EU Region
US Region

Samadan’s Enchanting Shuffle

Samadan was so kind to share his Enchanting Shuffling Spreadsheet with us for Soul Dust and Sacred Shards.

For Soul Dust, he looks for the cheapest out these:

  • Shrouded Cloth Bracers
  • Desolate Leather Armguards
  • Desolate Scale Armguards

He guessed that you could also look at the green Jewelcrafting rings if they are cheap, but in his experience, the Leather Armguards are the cheapest for Soul Dust.

For Sacred Shards, he looks at blue bracers for Tailoring & Leatherworking, but the really cheap ones seem to be the Jewelcrafting blue rings. He finds that buying the gems straight from the auction house the cheapest, but then his Jewelcrafter is not making legendary base items yet. Sam doesn’t need to prospect for the essences.

Here are a couple of TradeSkillMaster strings for the Soul Dust and Sacred Shards (also in the spreadsheet).

The Value of Herbs & Ore Will Drop With Flying in Shadowlands 9.1

Last week during Blizzcon, we got the news that we can go flying in patch 9.1. What this will mean for gold making is that the prices of herbs and ore will be dropping in value after the patch 9.1 release. What we don’t know is when is it will start affecting the value of the herbs & ore, and how far it will drop in value. This is a new expansion with almost no multi-boxers and the ones that still can multi-box aren’t that efficient anymore like before.

The reason for the drops has to do with Supply & Demand. With flying, you have more speed, fewer obstacles what will result in more herbs and ore. Supply goes up, demand stays the same, which will have an effect on the value overtime.

Island Expeditions Dropped Loot May Drop in Value With Shadowlands 9.1

So far it hasn’t been confirmed, but it seems in Shadowlands patch 9.1 it will be able solo queue for Island Expeditions. This will mean that the transmog, pets, and mounts that you can gather from Island Expeditions will be dropping in value once this is made possible. At the moment you can only join the Islands Expedition when you are queued up with 2 other players or use 2 other accounts to queue up and solo the event. You can find out more here.

The Markets

  • Monelite ore keeps rising in value. Fewer farmers. Try and buy below 70% region market value and sell for more.
  • Spirit of Harmony supply is dropping, so if you have any stock left, time to cash them in or even wait a bit longer for an even higher price. This also counts for the Mote of Harmony.
  • Arcane Crystals is growing in value and supply has dropped but slowly going down. See if you can scoop some below region price to resell or craft Arcanite bars with. Recommended: a Transmute Master for getting multiples.

This Weeks WoW Token Prices

Source: WoWTokenPrices

  • EU: min 177.579 WoW Gold Coin | max 195.022 WoW Gold Coin | avg 186.301 WoW Gold Coin | Red Arrow Up 9.040 WoW Gold Coin from last week
  • US: min 125.219 WoW Gold Coin | max 136.809 WoW Gold Coin | avg 131.014 WoW Gold Coin | Red Arrow Up 3.676 WoW Gold Coin from last week