The First Month in Shadowlands

The First Month in Shadowlands is gonna be very important for gold makers, but what profession will be the best to make gold with? All of them, but it is about the timing.

It’s not about which one will make the best gold but which to use when. They will all make gold but not at the same time and that has to do with a couple of factors like;

  • Prices
  • Goals of Players
  • Type of Players (farmers, levelers, raiders).
  • Need (How much do you really need for their goal).

The First Month in Shadowlands

What is the best profession for Shadowlands? The answer is: they all are. The question should be: ‘When should I start with crafting gear in Shadowlands or which kind of cooking should I start with?’ Every profession has its ups & down moments.

See every new expansion as the 4 seasons in a year. It starts with winter, then spring, summer, autumn, and back to winter. You will hardly sell a warm sweater during the summer or ice cream in autumn. Nice warm gloves will sell much better in the winter or sunglasses in the summer.

It’s all about the need from the buyers at that moment. That’s why I created a timeline for professions in the first month of Shadowlands.

Will it go 100% according to the picture on the right? No, but it should give you a good indication of what’s going to happen.


The Shadowlands gathering enchant will be selling from day one. Every farmer will want to get that advantage for farming ore and herbs and crafters can start early making them. This enchant will count for ore and herbs, so no more ‘only’ for mining or herbalism.

There is a small chance people will still be using and buying Battle for Azeroth enchants till they get the max level (60) and the reason could be because of the low supply and higher prices of the Shadowlands enchants.

Later when the first raid gets released and people will start doing Torghast runs, you will see the supply and demand increase. 


Jewelcrafting in Shadowlands will build up in time. It has to do with the gathering of ore. The more ore, the more prospecting, the lower the price.

The Straddling Jewel Doublet may become a great seller from the start and jewelcrafters can learn it fast. Gatherers and levelers that want to speed it up will probably buy this gem to get that advantage.

The Revitalizing Jewel Doublet could become a good second gem for levelers. Makes survival a bit easier.

But most sales will start during the first raiding and other events because of the increase in demand.


Inscription in Shadowlands will be a race on who will be the first to get enough skill points to craft the first Darkmoon Card of Voracity, Darkmoon Card of the Indomitable, Darkmoon Card of Repose, Darkmoon Card of Putrescence and the Darkmoon Card of Death. Next to that, we have the 4 contracts and the new optional reagents Missive that will be used in the early game.

When the raid gets released we will see a demand in Tomes and Vantus runes.

Yes, I’m betting that Battle for Azeroth alchemy will be very good in early Shadowlands just like Legion alchemy was in early Battle for Azeroth.

My reasons;

  1. Price
  2. Stats of the flasks and potions will be good enough for early Shadowlands.
  3. Most of the players will be leveling and doing dungeons.
  4. Enough supply

If you want to give it a shot then start investing now by buying the flasks and materials to craft them yourself with the Silas proc.

This screenshot taken from The Undermine Journal shows the region price of the Flask of the Seventh Demon (Legion Alchemy) in 2018 between July and September. Watch what happens with the little blue line on the 14th of august, the day Battle for Azeroth got released. That little bump is a 100+ gold increase. The red line is the total region amount that dips on the same day and goes back up after a week. Why? People were seeing more sales coming from the Legion alchemy because it was cheaper and the stats were decent enough for what they were used for.


As in Shadowlands, the alchemy doesn’t look that good at all for the early game. It is not much for leveling besides the Spiritual Healing Potion that may come in hand and maybe the Potion of the Psychopomp’s Speed. What I assume is that the healing potion will be over-posted on the auction house and drop in value in a month. The majority will craft these potions to skill up.

Once people will start doing Torghats and mythic raiding starts, we will see an increase in demand for the new flasks and potions.

New Gear

Like every expansion, all new gear from any profession will sell from the beginning. Now with the optional reagents, there will be a whole kind of market for making gold. I wonder what they will bring in other patches.


Sadly there is not much for Shadowlands engineering, but it seems that the auto-hammer should still be working in Shadowlands.


I’m gonna save the best for last and that is Shadowlands cooking. Why? Let’s start with Soul food.

  • Seraph Tenders will be great for levelers with less defensive mechanics like cloth-wearing classes. While out of combat heal for 3250 hp every 5 sec for 1 hour.
  • Fried Bonefish is gonna be very good for the slower moving characters that want to level and of course the gatherers/farmers. This will be useful for the rest of this expansion. Gain speed for a short time after killing an enemy.


The light meals will be great for early dungeons, normal raids, and maybe even for Torghast runs. The large meals and feasts will go off when the raid gets released for mythic raids.


From day one I think cooking the soul food, the Shadowlands gear, the new gathering enchant, the new speed gem, the Darkmoon Cards, and the Battle for Azeroth alchemy will be doing very well.

All others will come when people start doing Torghast, pvp, and the heroic/mythic dungeons/raids. 

Concerning the relics for lower gear, they will be good for the vendor shuffle I think.

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