Realm Linking

The Economy Impact on Linking Realms

The economy impact on linking realms is the question for anyone with a realm that is gonna be linked. Blizzard will link the upcoming 2-3 months low pop realms with medium and high pop realms and so far it seems so far that they want to make all realms a high pop. Prices will drop for most items as will the region value in the TradeSkillMaster addon.

What Makes The Prices Drop?

The biggest impact of dropping prices will be noticeable on low pop realms. They will have to adjust their prices to the new linked realms. Those are most of the time medium or high pop realms.

Also, the medium and high pops will notice a price drop because of the increase of sellers that all want to sell their items fast, especially now that the Reins of the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur will be removed from the Battle for Azeroth vendor. With the new auction house system, the canceling will be a more common thing then it already is on those realms. Sellers that will get impatient will try other methods by undercutting in value hoping the competition will back off or another seller will do the same.

Your Realm Gets Announced for Linking

  • If you are on a low pop realm, then there is a 99% chance your realm will get linked with another realm. This means that most item prices will change. Keep the linking date in mind because posting the day before will be almost useless.
  • If you are in a medium or high pop realm, then you can relax a bit more. Most item prices will change over time, but for how much is the big question.

The best source to keep track of this is Wowhead and find all new realms you can go to WowpediA.

TSM DBRegionMarketAvg Value

If you are a TradeSkillMaster addon user, then you will see the region market value drop over the next couple of months, let me explain to you why.

Low pop realms are known for most of the time higher valued items. Why? There are less competition and quantity that will drive prices up. The majority of servers are low and medium pop sizes that have higher prices than high and full pop that are available in smaller numbers.

TSM region values are all realm values of a region combined for 14 days and the average of that is the region value. Because there are more low and medium pop sized realms, the region prices are way higher than the market values for (some medium) high and full pop sized realms.

These regions’ prices will drop in value the more low pops get linked and have to adjust their prices. the good thing about this is that it will stabilize more and give a more precise region value than before.

The Pet Market Will Make the Biggest Drop

Pet sellers will notice the biggest impact because the high prices on low and medium pop realms will get closer to each other in value and that means lesser profits. Because pets are account bounded you are able to buy them cheaper on high/full pop realms and sell them for more on low/mid pop realms. Now that the low pop realms are getting linked, they have to adjust the prices with the lowest bidder on the new linked realm. The pet market is one of the simplest (not easiest) markets and can be a very profitable market, but that will change in the upcoming three months. The question is, how much.

The Positive Side Effects

Luckily it ain’t all bad, especially for low pop players.

  • There will be more buyers.
  • New and bigger guilds and that would mean more pvp players, dungeon players, and raiders. Those will need consumables and gear.
  • More possible trade chat sales.
  • And of course ‘the more players, the more joy’.
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