The Auction House Podcast Episode 5 | TradeSkillMaster With Gumdrops

If you haven't heard about the auction house addon TradeSkillMaster, then you are in for a treat. In this episode 5, the main topic is TradeSkillMaster or some like to call TSM.

The Auction House Podcast Episode 5

We gonna cover some interesting things about the addon with the support manager and WoW economy owner Gumdrops who will also tell us about the latest things in TradeSkillMaster 4.11. The TradeSkillMaster team is also working on rebuilding their website with more functionality and more useful to use.

We also gonna talk about the Legion herbs, Torghast changes that affect the market and the upcoming event ‘Love is in the Air’, so crank up that volume knob and enjoy the show.

TradeSkillMaster With Gumdrops

Next Week

Next week we have Hikons on the show. This gold maker is known for his 450 million liquid gold that he makes by flipping on multiple servers in the NA region. He has a Twitch channel and a YouTube channel so go check that out.

If you have any questions for Hikons or us. Fill in the form below or comment on the latest video on YouTube or our Twitter.

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Of course, we want questions related to gold making and we want you to ask the questions. If you have a great question for us or a guest we are gone have on our show, don’t wait, fill in the form here below and maybe you’re question will be answered in our next podcast.

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