The Auction House Podcast Episode 6 | Blizzcon & Flipping with Hikons

In this episode 6 of The Auction House, we gonna talk about the upcoming Blizzcon and flipping on multiple servers with our guest Hikons. Hope you enjoy the show!

The Auction House Podcast

The Auction House Podcast Episode 6

Blizzcon is on its way and that means new stuff in World of Warcraft but also maybe higher token prices, who knows! In episode 6 of The Auction House Podcast, we have the multi-server flipper Hikons. Hikons is a well know gold maker in WoW because he does his flipping on, more than 40 realms but he also has over 450 million gold liquid. If you want to get to that next level of gold making, playing with the big guys, then this episode is absolutely one you can’t miss out on. Hit that follow button, crank up that volume, and start the show.

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Blizzcon & Flipping with Hikons

Next Week

Episode 7 will be a bit delayed next week because of Blizzcon. But we will cover all of the World of Warcraft items and possible token prices that will be rising.

Another subject will be gold-making-related addons. We will cover most of the mand tell you what our experiences are and what we do or don’t like about them. If you want to suggest a gold-making-related addon we need to talk about it. Let us know by filling in this form or go to Twitter and tweet us.

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