The Auction House Podcast Episode 4 | Crafting

Sorry you all had to wait, but I can finally make new content again. Episode 4 of The auction House Podcast has just been released and this time we talk about crafting with professions in World of Warcraft. You can listen to this on Sportify and YouTube. Enjoy!

The Auction House Podcast Episode 4

In this 4th episode of ‘The Auction House’, Zanzarful and I talk about the basics of crafting and the pros and cons of different professions.

A good way to increase your daily gold income is by crafting in World of Warcraft and selling the items for more. In this 4th episode, we are gonna talk about the basics of professions, pros, and cons, how to get started, tools, and what to look for. Crafting in World of Warcraft is a really big subject we can’t cover in one episode, so there will be more episodes in the future about crafting and professions.

Enjoy the show!

Crafting With Professions

Next Week

Next week we are gonna talk about the most famous gold making addon TradeSkillMaster or TSM. We are gonna explain what it can do, its functions, accounting, auctioning, shopping, sniping, upcoming TSM 4.11, and much much more. Join us next Saturday for Episode 5 of The Auction House Podcast

Your Gold Making Question or Suggestion

Of course, we want questions related to gold making and we want you to ask the questions. If you have a great question for us or a guest we are gone have on our show, don’t wait, fill in the form here below and maybe you’re question will be answered in our next podcast.

Got a suggestion? Let us hear them!

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