The Auction House Episode 1

Our very first weekly podcast episode is out! Zanzarful and I are doing a weekly podcast about gold making in wow. We have topics like the wowtoken, flipping, crafting, old & new content, gold making news and more. So tune in and check it out on Spotify.

The Auction House Podcast

Introduction of The Auction House Podcast

Welcome to our very first episode of ‘The Auction House’. The Auction House is presented by Zanzarful and me and we talk every week about all kinds of things that are related to gold making in Wolrd of Warcraft.

This podcast is every Saturday and can be found on Spotify and soon also on Youtube. We also have our own Twitter where you can follow us and ask questions if you have any for our next podcast.

We also invite guest gold makers to talk about their gold making and discuss everything about it.

We are still fine-tuning everything so our first episode of The Auction House is still a bit rough.

Episode 1 | We are Zan and Jack

In this very first episode, we talk a bit about ourselves and our gold making background. We talk about the token price, how it works, and how to know when to buy one.

A couple of interesting old content that is going up in price at the moment like the Mithril and the Saronite on The Undermine Journal. Shadowlands and the newly introduced auction house system.

There was some information about skinning that got nerfed and we talk about two content creators that made both a video on YouTube to explain it, Manthieus and Solheim.

Next Week

We will talk about more old content, things that happened over the week, and things we can expect and we have our very first guest the LazyGoldmaker. If you have any questions for the LazyGoldmaker, let us know on Twitter or by filling in the from below.

So don’t forget to follow us so you can tune in next week on episode 2 of The Auction House.

Your Gold Making Question or Suggestion

Of course, we want questions related to gold making and we want you to ask the questions. If you have a great question for us or a guest we are gone have on our show, don’t wait, fill in the form here below and maybe you’re question will be answered in our next podcast.

Got a suggestion? Let us hear them!

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