Sniping Shadowlands Materials With TradeSkillMaster

TradeSkillMaster has this great tool called 'sniper'. It may come in handy now with Shadowlands 9.1, and I will tell you why.

Sniping Shadowlands Materials

Why Sniper Shadowlands Materials?

Prices of Shadowlands materials are rising more and more because of the scarcity coming with patch 9.1. It will mean we need to find other ways to get cheap Shadowlands materials like Elethium OreLightless Silk, and more. Most materials are needed for the legendaries, Vestige of Origins and Crafters Mark III, high in demand. What if you can’t get anymore besides farming the materials yourself? There is a solution, and that is using the sniper function in the TradeSkillMaster addon.

There will still be players that will post the materials or even the Korthite Crystal below market value. Even a posting mistake can still happen, and that is where you can find the value.

How Does It Work?

The sniper function in TradeSkillMaster keeps on searching in the groups you have a sniper operation on. So any item that is posted on the auction below the max buy price you have set in the sniper operation will show up in the sniper results of the TradeSkillMaster addon.

A character will have to stay at the auction house to keep running the sniper scan of TradeSkillMaster. You can do this in the background while doing other things like watching Netflix or anything else. An even better solution is having two World of Warcraft accounts run back doing the sniper scan. In contrast, with the other account, you can do other gold-making things or play the game.

Here you can find more info on setting up a second World of Warcraft account and its benefits.

How to Use Sniper in TradeSkillMaster

It’s not that difficult to set up the TradeSkillMaster sniper. All you need is one or more groups with Shadowlands materials in them and a simple sniper operation.

Open up the TradeSkillMaster Settings, Browse / Sniper on the left, and enable the Sniper Sound to get notified if the TradeSkillMaster sniper finds something. Also, don’t forget to enable the background sound in-game; System>Sound>Sound in Background.

Go to Operations, select on the left bar the Sniper Operations, and hit the + icon to make a new sniper operation.

Shown in white is where you can edit the name, maximum sniper price, and attached groups. If you need help with making groups and price sources, then check out my TradeSkillMaster guides here.

The string I am using in the image on the right is free to copy, but with patch releases, prices always change, so be careful. It can work against you. I use DBHistorical in the price source, so you won’t start buying below high market values and still have some insurance.

The last thing you now have to do is going to an auctioneer, click on it,  select sniper, and let it run and wait.

TradeSkillMaster Operation Shadowlands Materials
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Korthite Crystal Prices

So far, it is unknown what the prices will be for the Korthite Crystal in Shadowlands 9.1. We will have to wait and see. Too many things influence the price, and things can still be changed, known as Blizzard. For now, I would set a sniping operation with a fixed snipe price of 5000g. The reason why is that we don’t have stable TradeSkillMaster data in the first 3-4 weeks of Shadowlands 9.1.

Don’t start buying multiple Korthite Crystals that show up below the 5000 gold on the first day. It could mean that the sniper price is too high for your server. But, on the other hand, if they don’t show up, then it means you may have to put a higher fixed price on the operation.

Using my operations for the Korthite Crystal is at your own risk.

TradeSkillMaster Import

But of course, I can give you all a head start by importing the groups with three sniper operations. After that, you will need to ad other operations to the groups because these groups only contain a sniper operation. Some Shadowlands materials may already be in a group. If you want to have them all in these groups, you will have to move already grouped items.

Click the button to copy the TradeSkillMaster string to import it into the addon.

What to do With the Snipes?

It is totally up to you what you want to do with the materials you snipe, save them, sell them. I don’t know the best price or best moment to sell, but if you see an opportunity, take it, I would say. There is never a perfect moment for buying or selling, and no realm is the same.

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