Shadowlands PTR 9.1 | Vestige of Origins, Prestigious & Crafter’s Mark III

Shadowlands 9.1 PTR is out and that means some new crafts like Vestige of Origins for the legendaries, Prestigious, and Crafter's Mark III. How do we get Korthium and what are the crafting costs? Keep in mind that this is PTR and may change.

Crafter’s Mark III

As we expected, we would see a higher crafter’s mark in Shadowlands 9.1. If Crafter’s Mark III will have any real usage is the question. For starting gear as a new player or an alt, it can be interesting but the majority are main characters and they can get better from doing dungeons or even world quests. The recipe can be bought from a Death’s Advance quartermaster Duchess Mynx when you are honored or higher.

Prestigious Crafter’s Mark

For the Prestigious Crafter’s Mark, I also don’t expect much unless we are gonna see changes to it later in the PTR. Because it’s a unique equip you can only have one piece of gear to use this mark, maybe for weapons?. Again it is an interesting item for some catchup or new players but that is it for now.

Vestige of Origins

The Vestige of Origins is gonna be the item to upgrade your legendaries with. How? That is the question that should be answered sooner or later. We know so far that it will upgrade them to rank 5 (ilevel 250) and rank 6 (ilevel 260) without needing Soul Ash.

In the PTR we can see in the profession window a slot that has been added and that will so far only let you put in a Vestige Origins reagent. It does seem you can only add this new reagent if you have the profession, but we aren’t sure if they want to gate it by making it bind on pick up.

It could be that we will be able to sell a base legendary with a Vestige or Origins attached to it. Maybe based on the rank it will increase an x amount of ilevel. The optional reagent does seem to show up at rank 1.


The Korthium is an interesting item because it doesn’t show bind on pick up and can be stacked for 200. In the blacksmith Vestige of Origins craft, you see that it requires 20 while for the other profession it only shows 1. This should mean they need to adjust that and with a stackability of 200, it would seem logical you will need 20 of them to craft.

If it’s gonna be a vendor item, an item that can be bought and sold on the auction house, or an item we need to obtain from dungeons, raids, or Torghast we don’t know yet.

Byakko made a screenshot of a quest called; ‘Continued Efforts: Seeker’s of Qvorum’ in Korthia that will give you Korthium. Manthieus got the same quest but did not get a Korthium but anima instead. It seems the reward is not based on any profession progression. Byakko did not have the legendary crafting maxed out while Manthieus did.

This could mean we can get these fragments randomly by doing dailies or maybe world quests. Still waiting for more information.


We are not sure if this will be it and what the actual requirements will be for the crafts. It’s still very fresh and a lot of things can still happen like adding new crafts and craft changes like materials and ilevels. If any changes will come, I will be putting them in this post.

As in gold making, we may see some action because there are always gold makers out there that will start their gold making strategies based on the PTR info. You also have the panic buyers that don’t wanna miss the boat and will already start buying the materials. If you see this week already a change in market prices, the nI would recommend seeing if you can benefit from these situations. Maybe try to buy some yourself now it is cheaper?

Just be careful with making gold on these kinds of moves. If you have gold for it to take a loss and can be without an x amount of gold for a certain time, then yeah give it a try. I myself will be taking some risk in this.

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