Shadowlands Legendary Crafting Rank 5 & 6

Crafting Legendary Rank 5 & 6

The New Legendary Ranks 5 & 6

We just got the latest news on crafting legendaries rank 5 & rank 6 in Shadowlands 9.1 PTR. So, to simplify it, a Vestige of Origins will rank up a base legendary with two ranks, as shown here below.

Keep in mind that you can’t add the Vestige of Origins after it a legendary crafted.

  • Rank 1 + Vestige of Origins = Rank 3
  • Rank 2 + Vestige of Origins = Rank 4
  • Rank 3 + Vestige of Origins = Rank 5
  • Rank 4 + Vestige of Origins = Rank 6

Item Level Rank 5 & 6 Legendaries

The new ranks 5 & 6 will have higher item levels than the rank 4 legendaries. Rank 5 will be item level 249, and rank 6 will be item level 262. If this is still gonna change is uncertain at the moment.

Vestige of Origins

The Vestige of Origin will be the item used while crafting a basic legendary and adding another 2 ranks to it, as shown here above. The Vestige of Origins is a bind on pick up the item so they can’t be sold on the auction house or traded. Depending on the profession it needs different materials to be crafted.

Unlocking the Optional Reagent

To unlock the optional reagent to add the Vestige of Origines to the legendaries, you will first have to do some quests to unlock this option.

Assist the Runecarver further in order to unlock this knowledge.

Obtaining the Vestige of Origens Recipe

Crafting the Vestige of Origens also requires some work. You only need to be honored with the new 9.1 Death’s Advance faction and 2000 Stygia to buy the recipe from the vendor called ‘Dutchess Mynx.’ While you are doing your questing in the new zone called ‘Korthia,’ you will already gain some reputation with the new faction. Just keep doing the dailies, and you will get there.

You will need to get the recipe for every legendary crafter because it isn’t account-wide (for now).

Korthite Crystal

Crafting the Vestige of Origens doesn’t seem that complicated. Most of the materials don’t seem too expensive to acquire, except for a new item called Korthite Crystal. According to some sources, these can be obtained (so far) from dailies and weeklies.

The Blacksmith craft of the Vestige of Origins requires 20 Korthite Crystals, while all the other crafts only need one. We are not sure why there is a difference. However, we know that the Korthite Crystal is not a ‘bind on pick up’ item and can be traded on the auction house.

The vendor’s sell price of the Korthite Crystals is 31 gold 25 silver, which means that the posting cost of one for just 12 hours will be 4g69s and 48 hours 18g75s.

Depending on the rarity and demand, the Korthite Crystal could go for pretty high prices like a good 10.000 gold when it stabilises but do watch out with the deposit cost that can eat out of the profits.


With this latest Shadowlands 9.1 ptr update, we learned a lot more about the new legendary ranks and how they can be crafted. I think we will be seeing some tweaks in the upcoming two weeks with new ptr 9.1 releases, so don’t start overdoing things.

After a couple of days, when people realise how the new legendaries ranks can be crafted, people will be buying fewer current legendaries and waiting for the rank 5 & 6 to spare gold. Purchasing or crafting them isn’t a cheap practice.

Unless you are still crafting the legendaries to get the ranks up, I would say keep doing so, and if you have them maxed out, I would say the materials safely for 9.1 release and try to buy them cheap while you still can.

Shout out to DirtyIrby for supplying some screenshots and missing info.

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