Profession Pairing

How to set up the most efficient profession team is a question with different answers. You could also ask what the best crafting set up for you is? Are you going to raid with any of them? How much time do you have? What classes do you play? What faction, how much gold do you want to make? All questions influence how to make your team, but sometimes you need a plain simple answer for what is the best?

If you are starting to make your team or you’re thinking of making changes to your team. This guide will show the possibilities for making an efficient crafting team. Minimum characters, maximum crafting.

Where to Start

There are enough different options to pick two professions for your character: the question is which two first. Go for a profession that can make a decent variety of consumables like alchemy, inscription, or enchanting. There is always a demand for these items because they never last, like transmog or mounts. However, enchanting does not share materials or needs the same way alchemy or inscription does.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying ‘don’t do it. I’m saying think twice because it doesn’t have a connection. An alchemist needs his herbs, an enchanter needs his dust, and there is nothing to disenchant from an alchemist (besides his trinkets). An enchanter would benefit more from a tailor, but more about that later.

As a gold maker, I buy 95% of my materials. But not everyone does, wants, or can’t do that. You could combine an alchemist or a scribe with a herbalist, but that would make the whole efficiency setup inefficient. In that case, I would get a second character for gathering herbs and maybe ore or skin. You have to think three steps ahead, how can I get the most by doing the least. With your gatherer, you can supply your alchemist and scribe both herbs, and you will already be selling a decent diversity of consumables. Want to take it another step up? Give this character the secondary profession cooking as well and the gatherer fishing. Now you have the first great setup to make gold.

From here on, I would go for other setups. Therefore I would recommend checking out my Miro board setup.

Other Combinations

Now that you set up your first two professions and maybe the second character with gathering professions, it’s time to expand.

As I explained before, enchanting is another great consumable profession. However, the amounts of enchantments you will sell are lower than alchemy or inscription but have a higher profit. Enchanting and tailoring have a perfect relationship with each other. Cloth is always one of the cheapest materials in the game. It has to do with that; every character can get clothes from mobs without needing a profession. Crafting gear is a very cheap shuffle when you disenchant it into dust and crystals. It is why I recommend always picking enchanting and tailoring.

Leatherworking and skinning or blacksmith and mining are prevalent combinations but hardly the best. The reason for that is that if you are a farmer, you will have to gather with three characters each time you need materials or for a crafter that buys his materials, having skinning or herbalism is pointless. Think ahead, think efficient, how can I get a better result from doing the same. This guide is all about how to get the best result by having to do less.


A common question I see what is the best profession’? The best one is ‘all’. They all have their moments, but some are better than on other realms. It mostly has to do with the stage of the expansion. You have a beginning, the central part, and the end part. The main part of an expansion has its ups and downs, but most of the time, it is profitable.

The thing you want is diversity. You don’t go to a shoe store where they only buy one type of shoe. You want to go to the kind of shoe store that sells all kinds of shoes in all kinds of colours, right? It’s the same as in World of Warcraft, not everyone needs a strength potion, or not everyone needs those crafted robes. Every player has their own needs based on what they are doing or want to achieve. So it’s best to have something for every potential buyer.

Also, keep in mind that old content sells. Don’t skip other expansion professions, especially when it comes to engineers. Here is my guide on crafting older content.


For many professions, the materials are easy to get or cheap to buy, but it isn’t always an easy or cheap thing to do for some professions. When it comes to the last few skill points, then the material requirements can be hard to get. For example, The Burning Crusade engineering to max level is a real hassle because you will need a lot of khorium ore or khorium bars. The reason why you want to have TBC engineering to the max is for learning Turbo-Charged Flying Machine. So you could farm the khorium yourself, but that will cost a lot of time, or you could buy the khorium or and bars, but that will cost a lot of gold.

Some professions are more accessible to level, and some expansions make it more difficult, but having diversity for crafting is a big plus.

Miro Board Setups

This Miro board shows the five most efficient setup combinations I can think of. It shows what races and classes to pick to get the most beneficial for professions. The idea behind these setups is to save time and maximise the crafting possibility. 

Click on the hand of the Miro board and wait a few seconds to load. You can drag, zoom in by using the scroll button, or hit the button on the bottom right for full screen.

Do What Works for You

I have shown you how you can set up a perfect team of professions based on logic, but that does not mean it will work for you. Pick whatever combination works for you as long you can work with it. It’s about having fun, and everyone has their way in World of Warcraft. But if you want to get the most out of it, follow the Miro board setup.