The Auction House is a weekly podcast where Jack the Dipper and Zanzarful talk about gold making in World of Warcraft. Every week they have gold making news, returning topics, new topics, and once a month with a gold maker guest.

If you are new or an expert in gold making in World of Warcraft, listen, and enjoy.

The Auction House Podcast

The Auction House Podcast Episode 4 | Crafting

Sorry you all had to wait, but I can finally make new content again. Episode 4 of The auction House Podcast has just been released and this time we talk about crafting with professions in World of Warcraft. You can listen to this on Sportify and YouTube. Enjoy!

The Auction House Podcast

The Auction House Episode 1

Our very first weekly podcast episode is out! Zanzarful and I are doing a weekly podcast about gold making in wow. We have topics like the wowtoken, flipping, crafting, old & new content, gold making news and more. So tune in and check it out on Spotify.