No Raining Ore!

No Titanium and Saronite In Icecrown During Pre-Patch

With the new pre-patch there are no ore nodes to farm in Icecrown. There was an idea that the Saronite and Titanium ore would drop in price during the pre-patch.

Change of Plans

A month ago I was certain that we would see a price drop in Saronite Ore, Titanium Ore, and any related crafts. However, CmdrBondWoW had the possibility because he plays on NA to check it out and saw there were no ore nodes in the pre-patch area Icecrown.

On the PTR for the pre-patch, there was no sign of the removed ore nodes. If it was intended, a bug or temporarily is still uncertain, but it seems to be intended.

I’m sorry if you were hoping on getting some cheap ore.

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