New Profession Crafts in Shadowlands 9.1 (updated)

The new crafts for professions in Shadowlands 9.1. New crafters marks, new legendary ranks with Vestige of Origens and much you can read here.

New Profession Crafts in Shadowlands 9.1

New Profession Crafts in Shadowlands 9.1

With the latest Shadowlands PTR 9.1 update, we are getting some new crafts for Alchemy, Cooking, Inscription, and Leatherworking. All the new crafts require the current materials.


Shaded Bag of Ore

In Shadowlands 9.1, alchemy is getting a new and also well-known transmute called Shaded Bag of Ore. If I’m correct, it should be the same as other transmutes that only works daily. The amount of ore you are going to get is unknown.


I’m not sure if this is just a cosmetic thing or has any in-game use, but you can sprinkle someone with Blossom BurstGlory BurstMarrow BurstTorch Burst, and Widow Burst.

If these will sell is uncertain because we don’t know if they have any usage. Initially, people will try them out and have some fun with a cosmetic thing, I guess.

Burst of Colour


New Light Meals

You can learn these new recipes from the cooking trainer Chef Au’krut. Because they are adding more food, there is a chance we will see more food coming, like maybe Soul Food and Large Meals. But the new light meals won’t make us any gold.

New light meals that give no buff.

  1. Bonemeal Bread
  2. Porous Rock Candy
  3. Twilight Tea


Vantus Rune Technique: Sanctum of Domination

Of course in Shadowlands 9.1, there is a new vantus rune called the Sanctum of Domination. Assuming you can randomly obtain this new rune recipe in the same way by running the new raid Sanctum of Domination with your inscriptionist on any difficulty.

Technique: Contract: Death’s Advance

It is a new contract technique that you can buy from Duchess Mynx if you are revered with the new Death’s Advance faction in Shadowlands 9.1. It will teach you to craft the Technique Contract Deaths Advance.

Can these two items make use of some gold? Yes, especially the Ventus Runes, depending on how fast you can get your hands on the technique.


In 9.1, jewelcrafters can make healing statues, and yes, they can be sold on the auction house, but only used by jewelcrafters with enough skill points. They are called Porous Stone Statue, and Shaded Stone Statue seem easy to craft. Where you can learn these two recipes is unknown. Only jewelcrafters can make them, so I don’t see it’s going to be a great market.



We are getting at least two new, sellable leatherworking toys in shadowlands 9.1 but if they have a function in-game is uncertain. The two leatherworking toys are Pallid Bone Flute and Pallid Oracle Bones. You can learn these crafts from Tanner Au’qil, the leatherworking trainer in Oribos. According to the tooltips, we can sell these at the auction house. They are easy to make, so I don’t assume great sales nor profits for these toys.

Crafter’s Mark III

As we expected, we would see a higher crafter’s marks in Shadowlands 9.1, and that is the Crafter’s Mark III that will upgrade the gear to ilevel 200. It can be an exciting market to make gold, especially as catch-up gear for alts and newcomers. The recipe can be bought from a Death’s Advance quartermaster Duchess Mynx when you are honored or higher.

Crafter’s Mark of the Chained Isle

Another new crafter’s mark is the  Crafter’s Mark of the Chained Isle. This unique mark can only be used one equipped piece of gear and will change it to ilevel 230. I assume that you can get the recipe from a Death’s Advance quartermaster Duchess Mynx as well.

Vestige of Origins

The Vestige of Origins will be an item to upgrade the basic legendary rank 4 to a rank 5. How that will work for rank six is unsure yet. The possibilities could be that we need to use multiple Vestige of Origins or a new kind of optional reagent. Rank five will be ilevel 250, and the rank six will be ilevel 260

In the PTR, we can see in the profession window a new slot, and that will only let you put in a Vestige of Origins so far as an optional reagent. You can only add this new optional reagent if you have the profession, and also, they can be added with already equipped legendaries, so that means people will need to buy new ones.

Luckily you can sell these new base legendary ranks, and that means new gold-making opportunities.

Vestige of Origins

In the latest PTR patch, we see an added lock on all the ranks, but I think this changes again for the rank 4’s later on.


The Korthium is an interesting item because it doesn’t show bind on pick up, and you can stack it for 200. In the blacksmith Vestige of Origins craft, you see that it requires 20, while for the other profession, it only shows 1. It should mean they need to adjust that, and with a stackability of 200, it would seem logical you will need 20 of them to craft.

We know it can be bought and sold on the auction house, and we know you can obtain it from daily quests. If there are other ways like dungeons, raids, or Torghast, we don’t know yet.

Byakko made a screenshot of a quest called; ‘Continued Efforts: Seeker’s of Qvorum’ in Korthia that will give you Korthium. Manthieus got the same quest but did not get a Korthium but anima instead. It seems the Korthium is not fixed to any profession. Byakko did not have the legendary crafting maxed out while Manthieus did.

It could mean we can get these fragments randomly by doing dailies or maybe world quests. We are still waiting for more information on that.


It’s still not that exciting these new crafts. It could mean we will see more. I don’t think that Blizzard will add new food that won’t help us in any way, so keep your eyes open. The only profession that I see with some new exciting stuff, for now, is Inscription.

On Wowhead, they did say something interesting based on their latest data mining, and that was though this appears to be just the first round of new items. We can expect a whole new line of enchants, consumables, and raid buffs to be added before the upcoming patch goes live.

The New Legendary Rank’s

We know that you can only equip the Vestige of Origins on basic ranks legendary four ranks. It means that every player will need to buy/craft the new rank 5’s and 6’s. It should also mean that we will see a massive demand for materials just before 9.1 gets released. The increase will come from people levelling their legendaries and new rank four crafts + materials for the Vestige of Origins.

Flying in Shadowlands 9.1

With this item called Memories of Sunless Skies, you will be able to fly in Shadowlands, except for the Maw and Oribos.

Chapter three of the patch 9.1 campaign should be available on week 2 or 3 of the patch, according to Wowhead. It will mean we won’t see any price drops of materials after 2-3 months of 9.1. The majority first need to finish the chapters that will take 2-3 weeks, and with the new patch, the new demands will keep the prices more vital.

Also, now that we have fewer multi-boxers, we may see a less fast price drop in materials than usual.

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