A New Kind of Auction House Mobile App?

Before you get all excited, there has been no new announcement about a new Auction House Mobile App (yet). Read first before you start dancing.

What's Going On?

During the World of Warcraft Q&A of Blizzcon 2021, a question was asked to John Hight, Executive Producer of World of Warcraft.

‘Do you have any plans to bring the Auction House back to the mobile app?’

And the answer was;

‘Not as you know it’

‘The auction house mobile app wasn’t getting used like it was intended and there were a lot of automated systems that made use of it’.

‘We recognized there was a convenience factor for a lot of players that needed to buy something fast before raiding while they could not have access to the game’.

‘The things that are important for people to have and to be able to trade, we gonna consider putting that in some form so they will be able to do that, but you won’t see a whole sale return of all things in the auction house to the mobile side’.

‘Towards the end of the mobile app, there were very few people using it as intended, but we don’t want to take away the convenience of having the access to things they gonna need when they about getting into the game. We recognize that and we wanna provide that’.

source: Wowhead

What Does This Mean?

One of the main reasons they removed the mobile app was that it wasn’t used as intended. The API from Blizzard that websites and 3rd party software used, could automate buying and selling.

It really sounds like they want to bring it back in a way that as a player (not as a gold maker of any kind) you have the convenience to buy something so you don’t have to rush into the game before a raid starts. This could mean an only-buy option in the current or new mobile auction house app.

We will have to wait and see what’s going to happen.

What was the Auction House Mobile App?

In 2018, the auction house mobile app got retired from use. The was very popular for gold makers that could even do buying and selling while they were not in the game. So while working or doing other stuff you could still do your gold making. The app was in some ways even better than the standard auction house UI. Some communities used the API for their website so people could buy and sell there.

What's the Benefit for Bringing it Back?

As a seller, the more sales the better. More spread in sales can be healthy for the economy. It can keep the prices up instead of focussing all on prime time that makes the prices go down.

What if a raider is busy during the day and wants to do some shopping on the auction house for the raid later that night? That means more possible sales. Now don’t think it will double if something like a new function or app comes along, but a 5%-10% increase in sales is a possibility.

Another benefit as a gold maker is getting that quick buy that you just found (if they will let you buy whatever you want) to sell or to craft with later. Let’s hope for the best.