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Make TSM Sources Easier and Shorter

Make TSM sources easier and shorter so it will be less of time consuming thing to make strings. This method can help out when you want to make complex strings.

TSM uses price and value sources to determine the value of an item, but TSM sources can be hard to remember. As an example we have DBMarket, DBRegionMarketAvg, DBMinBuyOut, DBHistorical, DBRegionSaleAvg and the list goes on. Remembering every source there is can be a hustle and sometimes it’s even hard to remember how to write them correctly.

Here comes the trick! By using ‘Custom Sources’ in your TSM settings, you can shorten and simplify the price sources. Instead of ‘DBRegionMartketAvg’,  just use ‘DBRegion’ or ‘Region’. Another example is ‘SmartAvgBuy’ which you will get with TSM 4.10, you can change to ‘Smart’. It’s easy to make, it can really help with remembering simple lines and it saves a lot of time.

Make them as you like, but keep in mind to keep it close to the original source name so it won’t get confusing.

How To Set it Up

It’s really easy and simple to set this up. First you open the Tradeskillmaster addon by clicking on the icon or typing in the in-game chat ‘/tsm’.

Next you go to ‘Settings’ in the the top and then on the left side you click on ‘Custom Sources’. Here you can add all the custom sources you want. I have framed on the left in white the new the custom source names and on the right the strings.

Whatever you name the custom sources to is totally up to you, as long as they will be easy to remember for you. The possibilities are endless.

After you are done, you can try them out in an auction operation, shopping operation or even a crafting operation.

When Not To Use Costume Price Source

In some parts of TSM you don’t want to use costume price sources. Like in ‘default material cost method’ or the ‘default craft value method’. The reason is that if you make any changes the to the current custom sources, it can give problems with TSM. I recommend only using costume sources for auction, crafting, shopping and sniping operations.  

TradeSkillMaster Guides

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