Legendaries Best In Gold

With the Shards of Domination in Shadowlands 9.1, only a few legendaries are going to be best-in-slot. How will this impact the gold making?

Legendary Domination

What is Going on With the Legendaries?

You may or may not have heard from The Lazy Goldmaker and Manthieus that a lot has been changed in the legendary market with Shadowlands 9.1. There will be legendaries that will become best-in-slot for raiders (at least), and some gold makers are already noticing the effects of this important news, like increasing demand and prices of ore and gems.

To keep it simple, the new gear from the new raid will replace legendary slots, and raiders won’t have many options left for their legendaries. You can read it in more detail here on wowhead.

Shards of Domination

With Shadowlands 9.1, there comes a new system that will let you add Shards of Domination to certain gear pieces with special. You can use these shards only on domination gear with a socket that drops from bosses within the Sanctum of Domination raid. Every charter can wear up to five pieces, and they drop from every raid difficulty (of course, different item levels).

The domination gear slots are;

  • All Classes: Helmet, Shoulders, and Chest pieces
  • Cloth: Bracers & Belt
  • Leather: Gloves & Boots
  • Mail: Belt & Boots
  • Plate: Bracers & Gloves

Every class can obtain one piece of domination gear outside of the Death’s Advance Quartermaster raid by being honored and having 2000 Stygia.

These legendary slots should be the best options for players;

  • Capes
  • Necklaces
  • Rings
  • Legs

Below, you can check out the videos of The Lazy Gold Maker and Manthieus, explaining what will happen with the upcoming legendary market in Shadowlands 9.1. I agree with many things they both have to say, but I think there is still a great opportunity to make gold. You can read bout it in the next part.

The Lazy Goldmaker

So Here’s the Thing

Many gold makers aren’t happy about this situation, as Samadan mentioned in his streams after hearing the news. I agree with Sam, Lazy, and Manthieus, but I think we forget something, and that is that the majority of World of Warcraft players aren’t these (half) end-game players. They don’t raid that often, so they aren’t getting that much gear as (half) end-game players.

I don’t see them getting five pieces of domination gear with sockets within a month. So before they need or even care to replace their legendary, we still have a potential market in front of us. Maybe they only care to get their legendaries to rank 5 or 6, or maybe they are even happy with a rank 4.

Another great opportunity is that materials like ore and gems are going up in price, which means we can do some flipping or craft with better profit margins while the prices rise. Another great thing is that you may see an increase of auction house pvp between the new best-in-slot legendaries, join but also keep selling the legendaries that aren’t best-in-slot. In theory, the should see lesser auction house pvp.

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  2. Thanks Jack for the scoop! Love the extra videos for some different point of view, and I agree it is going to be some time before players get all 4 pieces of SoD gear, the rate of legos will certainly diminish but there will always be sales.

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