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What is Up With the Korthite Crystal?

It seems we gone need a lot of Korthite Crystals to craft the Vestige of Origins in Shadowlands 9.1.

Today we got a new PTR update for Shadowlands 9.1, and it came with some changes for the Vestige of Origins craft. To craft one Vestige of Origins now, you will need 40 Korthite Crystals. On top of that, it requires materials based on the profession you pick to craft a Vestige of Origins. This can result in high price changes if they keep it like it now is, especially with tailoring.

The Korthite Crystal

The Korthite Crystal is an item that can be obtained in Korthia by doing dailies, finding treasures, killing rares, and the weekly quests. These ways of obtaining Korthite Crystals aren’t even á 100% guaranteed. It could mean that the Korthite Crystal will be very hard to obtain or expensive to buy at the auction house. These costs will be calculated in the rank 5’s and 6’s, and I’m not sure if the casual or hardcore player will be happy with this situation.

Farmers can benefit the most from this system if they have a couple of alts that can do the new content. They will have a better chance of getting one or more Korthite Crystals every day. However, nobody can craft the rank 5 in the first week of 9.1 because the Vestige of Origin is reputation and renown gated. You will need to become honored with the Death’s Advance to get the recipe from Dutchess Mynx and renown 44 with your covenant. It’s is only possible in week two of Shadowlands 9.1, and that means the first week, the Korthite Crystal, will be saved or posted on the auction house.

Will the big gold makers be buying every Korthite Crystal from the auction house to control the market? Are they going to wait for an undercutting war, or is sniping them from people who don’t know the value of the Korthite Crystals going to be the way?

Vestige of Origins Crafts

Click on the tabs below to see the different crafting costs for crafting the Vestige of Origins.

It seems that the World of Warcraft Devs are considering the values of different materials for crafting the Vestige of Origins. As you can see tailoring, requires way more materials than other professions that can craft the Vestige of Origins. I think the thought behind this is to balance the crafting cost.

Keep in Mind

For how much they will be priced in the first two weeks, first two months, or when we can start crafting the Vestige of Origins for the rank 6 is uncertain at the moment. There are too many unknown factors and variables to already talk about a price. On The Auction House podcast I did with Manthieus, I was thinking of prices beyond the 25,000 gold in the first and second week. But who knows after these new changes. Who says that Blizzard will keep the numbers like they are now on the PTR.

One tip I will give is that once Shadowlands 9.1 gets released and the TradeKsillMaster addon is updated, make a group for just the Korthite Crystal and put a sniper string on it at a low price like 5000g so you can start fishing for the cheap ones. If it’s becoming too high during the week, then lower the price. Maybe even use a 50%DBRegionMarketAvg for that sniper string.

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  1. Post release, still 40 required. Day 2 (EU) price currently running 2449g on my server, 2908 Region Sale Average. I managed to pick up 4 each day on my main from rare NPCs and chests.

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