How Many WoW Tokens do You Buy a Year for Gold?

I want to know if you buy wow tokens to gain gold in World of Warcraft and if so how many?


How Many WoW Tokens a Year do You Buy?

Not so long ago Magicuz did a poll on Twitter with the question ‘How do you buy your monthly Game Time?’. This gave me the idea to start a poll on Twitter with the question ‘How many wow tokens do you buy a year for gold?’. The problem will be that the majority of people that follow me on Twitter and my website are gold makers and should be able to make enough gold. I do hope more non-gold makers will give their answer and give it a more result.

I wonder what the majority of tokens buyers use the gold for to buy in World of Warcraft. Consumables, gear, cosmetic things like transmog and mounts? Be free to comment on the Tweet about what you use the gold for.

I will be making a follow-up post about this subject. This is an interesting topic we can learn a lot from and get a good overview of the wow token buyers. Follow me on Twitter to stay up to date about my latest post or click the yellow bell icon at the right bottom of this page to get a notification when I post something new.