What is TradeSkillMaster

TradeSkillMaster or TSM are two very common words when you start your journey into the world as a gold maker. But what is it?

In this first step of the journey, I will explain to you what TradeSkillMaster is, how it works, and what it can do for you.

This is TradeSkillMaster

TradeSkillMaster or TSM is an addon in World of Warcraft that will give gold making a whole other dimension. This is not just an ordinary gold making addon that helps you to buy and sell fast. It will let you know what the average prices are on your realm.

  • It’s your personal accountant
  • Stockbroker
  • Analyst
  • Warehouse manager


This addon also does;

  • Records
  • Selling data
  • Purchase data
  • Your profits
  • Estimated profit
  • The average posting price on your realm
  • Sale rates

How Does TradeSkillMaster Work?

TSM works with three things:

  1. Items
  2. Groups
  3. Operations

Items are placed in groups and those groups get operations assigned (rules).

These are the kind of operations:

  • Selling
  • Buying
  • Crafting
  • Mailing
  • Sniping
  • Vendoring
  • Warehousing (banks and guild banks)

The image above here shows the basic structure of the TradeSkillMaster addon and also here are some rules:

  1. Items can only be in one group.
  2. An operation can be set on multiple groups.
  3. You can make as many groups as you like, even subgroups can be made (groups that can be connected to the main group).
  4. Operations can be used multiple times on different groups and subgroups.

Let’s say I want to buy a golden lotus. Now I could search for them by typing it in and look for what prices they are going for or I put a golden lotus in a group and I put a shopping operation on it that says only to show items blow a posted price of 40 gold in this group. I only have to let TradeSkillMaster search with that group and it will show me only the Golden lotussen below 40 gold (if there are any).

What if I have 40 golden lotussen in my bag and I want to sell 20 for nothing less than 45 gold each. I put an auctioning operation on that same group, set the amount to sell to 20, and a minimum price of 45 gold for each golden lotus. But if there are already golden lotussen on the auction for 40 gold, then I don’t want TSM to post them. I hit the auctioning operation of that group and TSM will look if it can post the golden lotussen for 45 gold or higher.

If I want to craft the Deep Sea Bag(s) if I can make a minimum profit of 100 gold each. I put a crafting operation on the group with the bags in it and I will tell it to make a maximum of 8 bags (depending on how many are left in my inventory, like bags, bank or auction house). It only will tell me when they have a profit of 100 gold each. TSM will tell what the costs are to buy the materials and what price the bags are going for. If there is a 100 gold difference between the crafting cost and the posting cost, TSM will tell me to craft them. It will even tell me how much of what materials I need to craft the bag(s).


TSM works with data, data to tell you what the average posting price is on your server for a specific item, what you have been paying for a specific item, how many there are on the auction house, and much more.

This image on the left may help you to better understand how this works and why it works. All this data is needed so you know what the prices are for specific items or how fast they sell in your region or from selling them yourself.

Now you don’t have to fully understand how the data works in TSM, but it can be handy to help to understand it. All the buys, sale, expire, cancel, expenses, profit prices, and amounts will tell how you are doing as a gold maker.

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