TradeSkillMaster Guides

TradeSkillMaster is an auction house addon in World of Warcraft. It will help you to expand, simplify your gold income. It records all of your sales, revenue, expenses, and profit data. It’s your accountant and broker in one. It can make it easier for you to find profitable opportunities like crafting.

With these guides, you can learn how to use and set up TradeSkillMaster.

What is TradeSkillMaster

What is TradeSkillMaster TradeSkillMaster or TSM are two very common words when you start your journey into the world as a gold maker. But what

Groups & Items

Groups & Items In this tutorial, I will explain the rules of items in groups, how to make groups & subgroups, how to add and


Operations With Operations, you can set the rules for the groups that contain the items. In this guide, I am gonna show you how to


Auctioning Auctioning can be a very effective tool for selling one or multiple items at once without doing the math yourself. That is why setting

Price Sources

Price Sources Price sources in TradeSkillMaster are based on different situations. Each has its value and can help a lot with gold-making if you know

Coming Soon

  • Crafting Guide
  • Shopping Guide
  • Value Sources Guide
  • Functions & Strings Guide
  • Custom Sources + Creating Strings Guide
  • TradeSkillMaster Tooltip Guide
  • TradeSkillMaster Settings and Customization 
  • Sniping, Vendoring, and Warehousing Guides
  • Tips & Tricks
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