Crafting Older Content

Crafting Professions

Current crafted content always sells except at the end of an expansion in most cases. But what about crafting older content?

To increase your sales on the auction you should diversify as much as you can and by crafting old content you will have diversity in no time. In this guide, I will tell you why it is so important to focus on older content and I will show you some great old content that will sell on your server. All these crafts are mounts, pets, and toys and will be shown in the Miro board, plus an import string the TradeSkillMaster addon.

Why Craft Older Content?

“When the cat is away from home, the mice dance on the table”. It’s an old Dutch saying that means if something loses attention it will do whatever it wants to do. Now, what does old content actually mean? Very simple. Anything that isn’t from the current expansion is considered old content in World of Warcraft. Is that bad? On the opposite, because there are always more people focusing on selling current content than older content. That means better prices and lesser competition, but keep crafting and selling from current and older content.

Mounts, Pets and Toys

Mounts, pets, and toys are the most collected items in World of Warcraft, and behind that comes the cosmetics like transmog and glyphs. Most of the items are pretty easy to get except for a couple of mounts like the Panthers and the Vial of the Sands. The panthers can only be learned from a San Redscale if you are honored, revered, and exalted with the Order of the Cloud Serpant. The Vial of the Sands can be found with Archaeology (you have to be an alchemist). You will need to have a full team of different crafters on a realm to craft all this older content. For that I recommend you to have a look at my profession setup guide.

This guide will show you how to set up all professions with minimum use of characters.  

Miro Old Content Board

Click on the Miro board to activate it. You can zoom in or out by using the mouse scroll button or make it full screen by clicking in the bottom right.

As you can see in this Miro board, there is a lot to craft with older content. The more diversity you can create the more chances you will have, but don’t start crafting everything for the slightest profit. Some of these crafts have a high crafting cost and you don’t want to make them for anything. Like a craft that has a crafting cost of 25k gold and you can sell it for 27k gold. That would mean you would only make 560 gold profit and that is inclusive of the 5% auction house cut. Now you could farm it all but also farming costs time and times gold.

Be a bit greedy and ask for a decent price. I will update this list with the Battle for Azeroth mounts, pets, and toys when the pre-patch of Shadowlands gets released.

TradeSkillMaster Import

This import string only has items and groups. Operations need to be added by the user him or herself.


Don’t overlook crafting older content, even if you think nobody will buy it. The rule in gold making; never think what you want. One of the best things that can make gold are the things that aren’t given any attention, so keep looking for those treasures on the auction house.  

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