How to Sell on Trade Chat

In this guide, you will learn how to sell on trade chat. I have been a salesman for many years. A simple salesman in a clothing store to a salesman sold real estate bonds by phone (yes, just like in The Wolf of Wall Street).

However, selling something in World of Warcraft is a lot different. You usually have a couple of sales points (triggers) like the product, price, service, the company, and much more. In World of Warcraft, most of these don’t work.

The only two sales points you have are the product and price, nothing more. But let me show you what can help with increasing those sales.

Learn How to Sell on Trade Chat

Trade Chat

“No 5% auction house cut”

Back in the early World of Warcraft, there was a lot more going on, on trade chat. These days it’s a different story. People are more aware of the value of items by having an addon like TradeSkillMaster or a website like The Undermine Journal. We have lesser people playing now, and yes, people are more toxic these days. But selling through trade chat is one of the best and underrated ways. You can reach so many other people, make people interested by triggering them, stand out from all the auctions on the auction house, and no 5% auction house cut.

Now that the trade chat is quieter, you can stand out very quickly. There are some rules when it comes to advertising on trade chat. Some people avoid the trade chat for a reason, and I can understand that, but understand that there will always be trolls and toxic figures nowadays, and you can’t avoid that. Don’t take it personally, and people are always more brutal if there is something between them. Please ignore it and take that step to increase your sales.


“Stand out, but don’t chat a wall of text”

In the real world, you can use many triggers to make someone interested and make the sale, but that’s not possible in World of Warcraft. Here you can use lesser triggers to get someone’s attention. It can be by telling why someone should be buying what you are selling. ‘You want to increase your farming speed? Get Darkmoon Firewater. Give them a reason why they should buy this what you are selling.

You can even make a little joke like: ‘Always wanted to slap someone with a fish? With this Stinkrot Smasher, you can!’. Maybe you want to keep it simple, use one or two kinds of rarity to stand out more, but don’t chat a wall of text in trade chat. Less is more.

If someone whispers, stay calm and reply in a usual way or reply to the trigger you used. You can tell if it’s going to be a serious and good sale most of the time from the reaction.

As you can see in the screenshots here, it was fun and straightforward chats, and they were bored. The JewelCraft acutely went for 4.100 gold at that moment on the auction house, which all happened in 10 minutes.

Later in this article, you will understand what happened and how I sold it for more gold.

The Sale Chat

There is no golden rule on how to talk to someone to make a sale. It’s all about finding out what kind of person it is only in World of Warcraft you don’t have time for that. There are some tricks to make the sale work. Example;

  • “5k, is that ok”? Say the price and ask if he or she agrees with it.
  • “I can do 5k”. You show what you can do. Now the buyer needs to show what he or she can do for you.
  • “We can do 5k”. Say it as you both decide on the price instead of competing.

They say it can be so crucial for a sale. Involve the buyer with the sale, like you both, want the best and a fair deal for the other.


  • Don’t tell the prices when you try to sell on trade chat. The reason for it is that a price they disagree on won’t make them whisper to you, and You can also use prices against you in trade chat. Someone could be saying that you are too expensive, and that may hold people back. Not telling the price in trade chat can trigger people to whisper to you, which is the first contact. Never show all your cards at once.
  • Don’t start with your minimum price when someone whispers to you. Don’t be scared that the buyer will say no. That’s when a sale begins. Start high, go lower if needed.
  • Don’t sell for a price you don’t want to sell. It’s not about the sale, but the amount of gold you will earn from it.
  • Don’t advertise too much. Post and give it like 10-15 minutes to advertise again. You don’t want people to get annoyed and maybe will block or report you.
  • Don’t start an argument on trade chat when talking about your advertisement. Ignore and move on. Arguments can create problems and a bad name. It can make people block or avoid you. Also, all those lines of text will make your advertisement remove. You want the message as long as possible in the trade chat.
  • Don’t be scared. People can’t harm you, and people are not owners of the trade chat. Some are toxic, but they don’t even have a clue to sell something for free.
  • Don’t give up after a day. It’s like fishing. You need to right bait for the right fish at the right moment.
  • Don’t push the sale or show that you need the gold. It can make the buyer not want to buy it or make use of it and low-ball you.


  1. Sell what is needed, unique, or very expansive on the auction house. Maybe you have something nobody else is selling at that moment on the auction house.
  2. Try to link different kinds of items but not more than three.
  3. Give a buyer a better price for buying more significant amounts. For example, for ore, you are selling. 6 Gold per ore, try to sell it like a 100 ore for 500 gold.
  4. Some sellers use ‘Selling lower than on the AH’. It can work but also work against you. What if the buyer has no clue what the actual auction house price is, and you just triggered him/her to check the auction house? You could have sold it for more than on the auction house.
  5. Use WIM. It’s a great addon that will give every unique seller that whispers and chat window. It will make it easier when the main chat goes too fast, or multiple buyers are whispering to you simultaneously.


Give it a try, and don’t be scared because they won’t bite. It will give you the chance to increase your sales and gold income, and there is no undercutting in selling on trade chat.