Gold Making With a Second Account

Being more efficient with your time will benefit you as a gold maker. Getting a second World of Warcraft account can help you enormously for a lot of reasons.

The Cost and Requirements

The Cost

What it will cost depends on what you are going to use it for. For example, suppose you use that second World of Warcraft account for a banker and a flipper. In that case, you only need the starters edition, which will only cost you two months of game time every two months. I am saying this because the ‘Recruit a Friend’ rewards only work if it gets purchased as prepaid game time from the Blizzard shop.

The ‘Recruit a Friend’ promotion isn’t meant for this type of thing. Instead, blizzard wants to make money from this action. So instead of buying each month a WoW token with gold for game time, you will have to change the WoW token into Blizzard balance every two months with two WoW tokens and buy the two months prepaid game time from the Blizzard shop.

If you want to farm or craft current content, then you will need to have the latest expansion on that second account.

The Requirments

You will need at least a decent enough pc to run two or more World of Warcraft clients simultaneously. Having two monitors can help a lot but is not needed. You can also use ALT+TAB to switch clients.

Using the TradeSkillMaster add-on is a must. It will help you post and cancel scan the action fast and also let you snipe the auction house in the background while doing other things.

How to Setup a Second Account

First, make a ‘Recruit a Friend’ link. Next, click on the “head” icon above the in-game chat that says ‘Social’ or hit the ‘O’ button on your keyboard. Next, at the top of the ‘Social’ window, go to the tab ‘Recruit A Friend’ and hit the ‘Recruitment’ button below that window. A new window will pop up called ‘Recruitment.’ Hit the generate button, and a link will appear that you need to copy. Paste that link into your internet browser, hit Enter, and it will bring you to the website here on the right.

Make sure you are signed in on that website. You will need to select an existing account or make a new one by clicking ‘Create new Game Account.’

Buy two months of game time. After you hit the ‘Buy Now’ button, a new page asking you which World of Warcraft account you want to buy the game time. Select the second account and choose the payment after. You can do this with the Blizzard balance that you can get from WoW tokens. After the payment, go to the game client and select your second account here, shown on the right.

You can open multiple accounts by selecting the account and hit ‘Play’ for each account you want to have running.

Setting Up TradeSkillMaster

The next step is setting up TradeSkillMaster by linking the accounts to share the data and TSM profiles if needed. You will want this if your first account needs to know to start crafting if you use a crafting operation or when you need to restock from the (guild)bank t your second account.

  1. Make sure both characters are on the same or connected realm.
  2. Both characters need to be online. If not, see your Blizzard Game Client and enable the yare online.
  3. Open up the TradeSkillMaster settings, scroll down and type ONLY the character’s name on the other account and do the same thing on the other account.
  4. After that, the names should appear on both sides in green. If not, try a /reload.
  5. Hover over the sync link. An icon with two arrows should appear that asks you to send the active selected TSM profile to the linked account. Keep in mind that the name of the selected profile should not be the same on the other account. If it is, make a new profile on the account that will receive the TSM profile, selected it, and removed the one with the same name. Profiles DON’T auto-sync so you will have to re-copy after any changes or manually make the same changes.

Last Tweaks

Lower the Background FPS

If you don’t have such a powerful pc to run multiple World of Warcraft clients, this method may help you out. Go to the in-game settings>system>advanced, and on the right, make sure you have the ‘Max Foreground FPS’ set to 60 and the ‘Max Background FPS’ to 30 or even lower. The game will still run if you set it on 10 FPS when it runs in the background. 

Enable Background Sounds

A great thing to do is enabling the background sound of your World of Warcraft clients. It is also something you will need when you want to use the Sniper function in TradeSkillMaster. But, hey, hearing that cash register go while enjoying the game only makes it more fun.

One Last Thing

Make sure that the second account gets new game time every two months by buying the prepaid game time and not using a WoWtoken for game time. Otherwise, you will not get the rewards from ‘Recruit a Friend.

If you get used to the, is second account thing and want to get more out of the 3rd World of Warcraft account. You can use it if you are flipping on multiple realms, and you need to log in and log off from a different realm constantly. Your account with the ‘Recruit a Friend’ rewards will benefit from this as well by getting more free game time.