Gold Making On Multiple Realms

Suppose you are stuck with gold-making in World of Warcraft, like having a hard time increasing your gold income or finding a purpose for your second account. Getting into gold-making on multiple realms may be the solution for you.

Why Make Gold on Multiple Realms?

Reasons why you should start making gold on multiple realms?

It could be because;

  • The challenge
  • Increase of your gold income
  • Use the other realms for wow tokens so you can keep the gold on your main realm.
  • You are buying expansive TCG mounts and pets.
  • Give your second account a purpose.

How Does Gold Making on Multiple Realms Work?

The idea behind gold making on multiple realms is that you can reach more customers than you would be on a single realm. See it as starting a franchise in different cities. You are the owner and will visit every shop every few days to restocks them. TradeSkillMaster is your manager, and they all have the same rules.

The more realms you need to manage, the more time it will take, the less time you have left to make more gold or play the game. So being efficient is a key element unless you have the time to do all these things and enjoy them.

How to Make Gold on Multiple Realms?

I often read: ‘how do I make gold on multiple realms?’ There are two ways to make gold on multiple realms, but it depends on how much time and effort you want to invest into it.

The two ways are;

  • Flipping on those realms will cost you the least of time and effort. It costs minimum time and effort (not initially) and gives you loads of gold-making opportunities.
  • The second option is to level and skill crafters on other realms. It can cost you a lot of time and effort, depending on how many realms and crafters you want per realm. You could buy level boosts from the Blizzard shop to speed up the process, but that is up to you. However, the gold-making opportunities are bigger because you have more room to generate the gold. You can use even combining crafting and flipping on other realms.

How to Start on a New Realm

Starting on a new realm to make gold is a challenge and guarantees that it will work for you. For example, you could be picking a realm that already has many sellers on markets that you are on or has the bad timing on the moment you can post. Remember that some realms take more time and effort to get the first couple of sales.

Selling Pets

The cheapest but also the slowest way to get gold on another realm is by selling pets on different realms. Because pets are account bound, you don’t have to trade or transfer them, and they only cost one silver to post. You will need at least á 100 or more pets to speed up the process, and don’t just go for the cheap ones, spread out in different prices, and maybe check for some level 25 pets. The idea is to make fast sales to get liquid gold that you can invest in other markets.

Use the region market price source for buying and selling pets because the region market price source is the same on all realms (per region). This way, you can figure out the buy and sell price. Of course, moving the gold is the priority, but making a profit is only beneficial in that process. Using the price source SmartAvgBuy won’t work with pets when bought on one realm and sold on the other. TradeSkillMaster can only track the data of caged pets and will lose the data when it is being added to the collection.

Make a character on your new realm and move it to an auction house that you preffer. Now make a trial character on the same realm and use him to vendor anything he has, like gear, items, and bags, so that you can send that gold to your first created character. Hence, he/she has some starting gold for the posting cost and may get some cheap 16 slot bags.

Tools that will come in handy;

Transferring a Character

Another way of getting gold to another realm is by transferring a character with gold and items. You can even make a guild and do a guild transfer with a guild bank full of items. That last option does cost you more, so up to you if you want to spend more gold or real money? Ask yourself if it’s worth doing this. You ant to do this on multiple realms.

Be aware that it isn’t allowed to move huge amounts of items back and forth. It’s because Blizzard can ban you from manipulating the market in that way.
The benefit of option two is that you can jump into multiple markets with fast-selling items. You already have then some gold to do some soft resets of markets.

Transferring a character with gold also has its limits shown here below.

What do I need?

There are a couple of requirements when you want before you start making gold on multiple realms.

These requirements are;

  • A decent amount of knowledge on flipping
  • Good with the add-on TradeSkillMaster, like knowing how to write auctioning, shopping operations, and price sources’ know-how. Because you can’t remember every purchase and price you did on all the realms, having a good profile you can trust for buying and selling is important.
  • The second World of Warcraft account can come in handy when you want to start flipping on multiple realms. However, you don’t need a second account. For more info on getting, you can find a second account here.
  • Not recommended, but the very hand is the add-on called Broker Cash. This add-on does require another add-on like Titan Panel to make it work. Broker Cash tracks all the gold on all the realms (if you have it enabled on characters) and shows how much you have in total, what you make per day, per week, per month per realm. 

What’s the Next Step?

Your next step after gaining some gold is to invest in other markets like are on your main realm and try things out. Some markets may be better doing or worse on other realms. You want to keep building up that gold and keep investing. The more gold you gain, the more and bigger investments you can start doing. Try and do a couple of realms each day and see how you can manage it with time.

Picking Realms

Picking a realm to start making gold on is a topic where every gold maker has its thoughts. Is there info out there if a realm will make you gold? No. When you think that an RP realm or a heavy raiding realm will be the best pick, you are thinking like many other gold makers. They are already on those realms, which means loads of competition.

When you want to flip on multiple realms, I suggest picking a realm based on the time you want and can spend. How many realms you want to make gold on is also a very important factor that you need to think about. If you don’t have or want to spend the time, picking a high or full pop realm won’t be the best pick.

Unless you have the time and want to invest the time, then go for high or full pop realms. I recommended checking those realms at least once a day because of the high competition.

Maybe you want to make gold on multiple realms but don’t want to babysit them? Then picking a low or medium pop is the solution for you. Less competition, longer posting durations, and less often checking the realms. Low and medium pop realms mostly have better profit margins. You can also combine the different realm pops.

I do recommend making separate TradeksillMaster profiles for these kinds of realms. For example, suppose you flip or craft on mostly low and medium pops realms. Then, making a separate TradeSkillMaster profile for those realms is beneficial, like 48-hour posting and higher price strings.

Keep in Mind

That you don’t overdo it and create characters on ten different realms, it can become overwhelming. Start with two or three and see how that goes for a month. Are you enjoying it, and are you making good gold? Then maybe it’s time to expand.
Every realm is different, even if it has the same population. Still, sometimes, you have to let go of a realm so you can invest your time and effort in a realm that has better results for you.