The Goldshire #8 | Shadowlands PTR 9.1, New Crafter’s Marks, Vestige of Origins, and More.

Shadowlands PTR 9.1 has been released and that means new info like the new crafter's marks, new legendary upgrades with the Vestige of Origins, some new pet info, and much more.

Shadowlands PTR 9.1

Last Wednesday, we got to access Shadowlands PTR 9.1. There isn’t a lot in the gold making, and the information from the PTR can still be changed, so who knows. For now, we know that the crafting cost of a legendary will stay the same.  

To read more about the gold making possibilities and insight, check this post I recently made about the Shadowlands PTR 9.1.

Crafter’s Mark III & Prestigious Crafter’s Mark

Two things we have seen so far are the new crafter marks Crafter’s Mark III and Prestigious Crafter’s Mark. The Crafters Mark III will upgrade the gear to ilevel 180, and the Prestigious Crafter’s Mark will go up to ilevel 200. One thing that caught my was that the Prestigious Crafter’s Mark is a “Unique-Equipped”.

The marks have a significant market opportunity for new, returning players and alt’s that need some catchup. Because these marks use the current materials, the demand will go up for these materials, which should increase the price. We will find out just before Shadowlands patch 9.1 gets released.

A Vestige of Origins for the New Legendary Rank’s 5 and 6

Yes, new ranks for the legendaries, and that means gold! The Vestige of Origins is an optional reagent for the basic legendaries and can be applied to any base legendary rank. However, we are not sure it will stay this way because of the new ranks 5 and 6, and using a Vestige of Origins to rank up a rank one base legendary to a rank five would seem odd.

Vestige of Origins

The case is that people will buy a base legendary rank 4 with Vestige Origin equipped to it what makes it a rank 5, and that would mean rank four price plus the price of a Vestige of Origins. How that would work for a rank six is also unknown. The good thing is that it doesn’t require more Soul Ash than a rank 4.

The craft of a Vestige of Origins is also fascinating because it requires Shadowlands materials plus a new item called a Progenian Fragment, which some already like to call a “Pog Fragment“. How to obtain this item is so far unclear. We are assuming that it will be obtainable through daily quests but what is interesting the most about this item is that it doesn’t have a text like ‘bind on pickup’, indicating that the item is tradeable through trade and the auction house.

Character and Legendary Changes

The last thing is that Shadowlands 9.1 will bring changes to the character’s abilities, stats, and legendaries, and that means swapping. It will also mean new demands for legendaries what will result in a higher demand for Shadowlands materials. If 9.1 is going to be like the current PTR, this may become one of the most expansive patches ever in World of Warcraft.

In Other News…

  • No more cap on pets that you can hold per account. It usually was 1000 pets you could hold and could be increased by 1500 with a Pocket Pet Portal and 2000 with an Interdimensional Pet Portal. In PTR 9.1, this cap of 2000 has been removed, which means you can carry as many pets as you want. However, you are still bound to the same kind of pet that you can carry that will mostly be 3/3 and some pets 1/1. If this cap removal only means with people that have an Interdimensional Pet Portal is uncertain for now. This change could lead to an increase in pet sales.
  • Baubleworms! Yes, four new pets called Baubleworms and can be bought from the pet vendor Keeper Ta’hult in Oribos. The four new pets are Topaz BaublewormTurquoise BaublewormRuby Baubleworm, and Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm. The vendor asks for a very odd currency in the PTR, but it could be placeholders for now. There is one price shown at the vendor that was for the Flawless Amethyst Baubleworm with a price tag of 10,000 Polished Pet Charms.
  • 6 Cosmetic Eyeglasses in the PTR 9.1, but 4 can only be found in the data. Hipster ShadesHalf-Rim Reading GlassesMusicians Shades, and the Black Rimmed Spectacles. How to get those are for now, unknown.

The Markets

  • Storm Silver Ore is still going strong, and the quantity is getting scarcer and scarcer. If you can find any below the region price on the auction house, buy it and post it back on for more. I don’t see an increase in the quantity of it coming soon.
  • Monelite Ore, the same thing is happening, but the price increase on EU has stopped for now while the quantity is still dropping. Matter of days till the price will go up again. Keep in mind it hyped up last time, so it’s getting less attention. A great market to flip in at the moment.
  • It has been two months now when we had ‘Love is in the Air’ even, and Swift Lovebird is already going up in price and down in quantity. Be fast to scoop the last few cheap ones. See if you can buy at or even below region value. The upwards prices seem to go fast than the last two years. How high will it go?

This Weeks WoW Token Prices

Source: WoW Prices

  • EU Average: 220,533 WoW Gold Coin | Red Arrow Up 14,141 WoW Gold Coin from last week
  • US Average: 149,183 WoW Gold Coin | Red Arrow Up e1614978925882 10,652 WoW Gold Coin from last week