The Goldshire #6 | Noblegarden Gold Making & Manthieus About The Undermine Journal

Noblegarden event is coming up in World of Warcraft where we can make some gold on the Swift Springstrider and Manthieus made a great video about The Undermine Journal price sources.

The Noblegarden Event

Easter is around the corner and that means the Noblegardan event is coming. The event takes place on the 5th of April and ends on the 12th of April where players can gather Brightly Colored Eggs. These eggs can contain between 1 and 6 Noblegarden Chocolate that is used as a currency to buy items like the Swiftspring StriderNoblegarden Bunny, and much more.

If there will be anything new this year from the vendor or the eggs is, for now, unsure until the event begins.

Swift Springstrider

The Swift Sprinstrider is a mount you defiantly want to keep your eyes on open on the auction house. At the end of the event on the 12th of April, the prices should be lower or maybe even at their lowest. That is the moment you can start buying and sell them later (depending on the price).

Now that 3rd party broadcasting software has been restricted, the amount of Swift Springstriders may be lower than before and can have an impact on the lowest price as the rising price. We have seen that already happening with the Swift Lovebird last February. The lowest point this year was 20k higher than the last two years.

As seen here below we have the lowest price and the highest price of last year for EU and NA. This should give you an indication of what the expected buy price is and the selling price will be. Be sure to check it out on your realm here.

To buy this mount from the vendor, you will need to have 500 Noblegarden Chocolate.

Here below Swift Springstrider price over the year from The Undermine Journal

Transferring Gold

Yes, you are reading it right. With this event, you can transfer gold from one realm to another by buying Magnificently Painted Eggs and placing them on the ground to let the other character pick it up as a Magnificently Painted Egg. The idea is that one character buys the eggs and places them in a safe spot close to the other character from another realm that can pick them up and sell them. You will be needing two WoW accounts and this can be done by making a trial account. It’s a free account till level 20. Make a new character on the realm you want to move the gold to and let it run beside your main account. This can be done by selecting the second WoW in the Blizzard app just above the play button.

The Magnificently Painted Eggs will cost 1,000 Gold Coin from a Noblegarden vendor and you can only carry one at a time because the item is unique. The Magnificently Painted Egg can be sold for 900 Gold Coin and yes, you will be losing 100 Gold Coin per egg but it’s an easy and direct way to transfer gold to other realms.

The Undermine Journal With Manthieus

Manthieus did an excellent job explaining to read The Undermine Journal website and what the terms mean. In the gold making community especially the farmers there is a lot of misunderstanding what the mean and median prices mean and can give a wrong indication when it comes to value. Erorus also gave some extra info based on this video Manthieus made.

Great video if you want to learn some more on what The Undermine Journal website can provide you.

In Other News…

  • We should be seeing upcoming week an update from TradeSkillMaster for the addon TSM 4.11 where you can craft, post, cancel in the correct way for legendary’s, gear with marks, more custom themes, and much more.
  • World of Warcraft PTR 9.1 should be coming out in two weeks where can finally see hopefully some new changes in professions, maybe some new materials and other items. So keep your eyes open for some new gold making opportunities.

The Markets

  • Primal Fire has become a harder item to come by with on multiple realms. From the start of Shadowlands, the price has been going up and even the Mote of Fire has made a great jump in value. Seeing the quantity drop here on the TUJ, we should be seeing a price increase very soon. 
  • Laestrite Ore has been going a different way since the beginning of March where are seeing a stable quantity and since a week a little drop. It seems this trend is gonna stay. Fewer farmers on new content and that means the supply compared to the demand is changing what should bring up the price again.
  • Living Steel is still slowly dropping in quantity, but the value is still steady. While the Spirit of Harmony is increasing in price and the Ghost Iron Ore is increasing in quantity could keep the Living Steel in the same value while the quantity slowly drops. As long the Ghost Iron Ore quantity keeps growing I think we won’t see a price increase in the Living Steel.

This Weeks WoW Token Prices

Source: WoW Prices

  • EU Average: 206,392 WoW Gold Coin | Red Arrow Up 8,615 WoW Gold Coin from last week
  • US Average: 138,531 WoW Gold Coin | Red Arrow Up e1614978925882 5,684 WoW Gold Coin from last week