The Goldshire #5 | Bananas Pet Price Inflation and Game Time Price Changes

This week we have the bananas pet price inflation because of the charity event and the game time prepaid products have changed as well. Also services and subscription prices will be changed for Brazil and Russia.

The Goldshire Weekly Gold Making News

Banana Inflation

On the 24th of March, the charity Doctors Without Borders reached the first milestone of 500.000 dollars in donations. This means that every World of Warcraft retail player can get one Bananas for free per account with game time. Your free Banans companion can be claimed here.

This is originally a TCG pet (Trading Card Game) that could only be obtained from a TCG card or an online shop that sold these kinds of rare items.

Because every player in retail can now claim, the price plunder. The pet’s value went from a 200k+ to a minor 30k+ pet in just a day and yes this pet is tradable once you used it and then cage it.

To find out how the pet is doing on your realm, you can check it out on The Undermine Journal.

Game Time Prepaid Changes

One of the surprises this week was the changes of the wow token when buying them prepaid. There are three ways you can purchase game time in World of Warcraft retail;

  1. Get a monthly subscription that will do auto payments from a credit card or other pay system. You can choose between every 1 month, every 3 months or every 6 months and getting a discount with the 6 months.
  2. Buy game time by doing a manual payment called ‘prepaid. You can now only buy per 2 months of prepaid game time instead of 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months.
  3. Buy in-game a token for gold and turn that into 30 days of game time or Blizzard balance.


Here, this is the thing. There were gold makers like myself that bought prepaid game time for 6 months with the Blizzard balance gain from using the wow token bought with gold. The reason why you did not change it straight into game time was that buying prepaid game time with Blizzard balance for 6 months only cost you 5 months.

Is it a Good Change?

Well for gold makers it’s no a huge problem, a decent gold maker can make a token per week with minimum effort and time. It’s just a shame of the free month you got when buying for 6 months.

As for a non-gold maker that doesn’t have a credit card for any reason or doesn’t want to have a subscription, will now have to pay for 2 months of game time. There are gamers out there that don’t have the luxury to pay for 2 months of game time at a time. I think this will result in that some people are not playing the game for now or in the future.

However, this may also attract some new players that want to start making gold for the wow token because that can still be done per month. Who knows!

Will This Have an Impact on the Token Price?

Well, we don’t know yet. We did see a bit of panic when the news got released. For the long run I think the token price will drop as long there are no new game releases, expansions, or Blizzard shop changes. The reason why I think the price won’t go up because of the token price changes is that now a gold maker won’t be buying multiple tokens to get the 6 months of pre-paid game time. They now will buy a token and use it for the 30 days of game-time more often because there is no more benefit of getting multiple ones and change it into Blizzard balance to buy game time anymore.

Local Price Changes for Brazil and Russia Subscriptions and Services

A day after the change, Blizzard announced there will be local price changes for people in Brazil and Russia. The prices of subscriptions will go up and the prices of services will go down. These price changes will happen after the 26th of April and should be having an increasing effect for the EU and US token prices sooner or later.

In Other News…


Samadan has started his own website. The website is meant to summon up the content Samadan creates so you can find it all in one place. It seems he is also gonna start one-on-one coaching soon. The website is not finished yet but I would recommend starting bookmarking it. Also, his Twitch live stream can be watched here.

Manthieus Now on Twitch

Manthieus has started streaming on Twitch now as well and sometimes a bonus stream later that day. No worries you can also still see his live stream on YouTube.

The Markets


The Ghost Iron Ore quantity increase could lower the prices again, but for now, it seems the demand is increasing.

This Weeks WoW Token Prices

Source: WoW Prices

  • EU Average: 199,949 WoW Gold Coin | Red Arrow Up 2,172 WoW Gold Coin from last week
  • US Average: 133,664 WoW Gold Coin | Green Arrow Down e1614978892420 1,183 WoW Gold Coin from last week