The Goldshire #4 | Selling Transmog for Trial of Style & The Price of the TCG Pet Bananas

With the upcoming Trial of Style event, there will be some transmog selling opportunities. Also, we are gonna see a price drop of the TCG pet Bananas.

The Goldshire Weekly Gold Making News
Trial of Style

Selling Transmog During the Trial of Style

Tomorrow (20th of March) the even ‘Trial of Style’. It’s an event where players can show off the transmog creations. Every Trial of a Style competition you join has a different style. It could have something to do with fire, faction or free choice, and many more. This means that the more transmog you have the better the options are of winning. To read here more about the event like prices and options.

What this means for a gold maker is that there are gold making opportunities. Selling transmog is known as a secondary market, in other words, getting each month a token for just selling transmog is gonna be hard. But with this event, you might be able to sell more than normal. Do keep in mind that you won’t be the only one focussing ab it more on the transmog these few days.

The event will start on the 20th of March and ends on the 24th of March.


  1. Find cheap good looking transmog. Use The Undermine Journal to see region prices and try to buy below 60% region price and resell for more (90%-100%).
  2. (Re)post more regular during the event
  3. Use the Trade Chat to advertise your sales. DON’T say the price in trade chat, just the link what you are selling and maybe tell why they need to buy it now, don’t spam the chat. Let them whisper to you to negotiate the price.

TCG Pet Banana is Gonna Lose Its Value

During Blizzcon 2021, it was already been announced that for the charity event ‘Doctors Without Borders‘ there would be two obtainable pets and one of them is the TCG pet Bananas.

Now that the charity has started, we will gonna see a price drop for this pet. If you still have the pet, now is the to sell it asap to get the best value.

What we don’t know is if the Bananas from the charity will be tradable like the TCG one because it is the same pet. If so then depending on the quantity on the realm will make up the new price.

In Other News…

Furthermore, there is not a lot of gold making news this week. We are waiting to get some ptr info on 9.1 but until then there is not a lot of other news to tell.

The Markets

  • Phantasmal Haunch still going strong, quantity is dropping price rising a bit slower. If you can find some cheap below region value, go buy and repost or push the price if you know how to.
  • Enchanted Heavy Callous Hide is stabilizing in price but the quantity is dropping slowly. The reason could be that there is now less focus on that market and people are looking for other ways to make gold. Keep an eye on it and maybe we will see a price rise.
  • Cobalt Ore is doing great. From December it went up in price and quantity, but now we are seeing a steep dive in quantity. This could mean we are gonna see an even bigger price rise upcoming weeks. The Cobalt Bar is still having a high and stable quantity but the ore will sooner or later affect the bars.
  • Auto-Hammer is doing great. While the quantity is dropping and the price is rising this can be become a very profitable craft depending on the Leystone Ore price.

This Weeks WoW Token Prices

Source: WoW Prices

  • EU Average: 197.777 WoW Gold Coin | Red Arrow Up 5.420 WoW Gold Coin from last week
  • US Average: 132.847 WoW Gold Coin | Green Arrow Down e1614978892420 5.003 WoW Gold Coin from last week