The Goldshire #3 | GoldGoblinLoot Farming Addon, Rogue Auctions Website, and More…

Wanna know what happened this week in the gold making World of Warcraft? A new farming addon called The GoldGoblinLoot where players can challenge others with the best farms and a new handy website called Rogue Auctions for maybe discovering markets.

The Goldshire Weekly Gold Making News

Rogue Auctions Website

Last week some showed me a website called Rogue Auctions. The reason I like to mention it is that it is a more diverse kind of website that you can use as a gold maker and especially a new gold maker. Want to know what kind of materials to gather or flip? Check out some crafts and see what they need or type in material and see how much it is used for.

Everything has a nice description, the website is easy to use and the design is very clean, however, I’m a huge fan of the grey-purple background. There is even a full filter search system for professions to look up the crafts.

This website is created by two German guys called; Sven & Thomas. ‘We started just before the release of Shadowlands because we wanted to build a tool to optimize trading, crafting and in the end: making gold‘.

What I do miss are tooltips when you hover over a picture that will show a bit of info. You do need to do a lot of scrolling when you want to go to the next part of the info. For new gold makers, the auction part is really good but for an advanced gold maker, I would still recommend using The Undermine Journal because it still has more info like heat maps and region prices. Keep in mind the website is still fresh so who knows what we will see in the next months.

It’s definitely worth taking a look and bookmark it.

A New Farming Addon for Solo Play and Challenges

LootAppraiser Challenge hasn’t been updated for a while now and a lot of players have tried to modify and look for a replacement. But the struggle could now be over with this new addon called GoldGoblinLoot. It’s a new brand new addon that should satisfy all of your farming needs.

Price Sources

Price sources are used to determine the item value. For challenges only the host needs the price source addon installed.

  • Fully configurable loot filter sets
  • Loot filter for Itemtypes, Zones, Instances, and Source
  • Different price source for every item quality

This addon is made by Lag ‘also know for making the famous addon AtlasLoot’ and the very well known gold farmer GoldGoblinNET. They combined their ideas to create an addon that can be used on its own when solo farming or doing a challenge with friends or viewers.

Zanzarful did some testing and it works well. It has a couple of more options for streamers, more detail on dropped items like drop chance and it’s pretty easy to use. Works a lot like the LootAppraiser Challange but the numbers in the window could be made a bit bigger. Another thing to keep in mind is that the majority is still using LootAppraiser Challange for now so having both addons is recommend for now.

In Other News…

  • With Shadowlands patch 9.0.5 there was temporarily 1 silver auction house default price for items that weren’t posted yet or a different version of the same item like an ilevel or quality. People that did not use an auction house addon or did not double-checked in the default auction house interface could have been posting high-value pets or times for just 1 silver. The day after the release of the Shadowlands patch 9.0.5, the developers came with a fix.
    Shout out to Vadhis for the info.
  • Manthieus has finally got his Discord up, so start hitting that link to join me and many others his Discord.
  • We may gonna see a little bump in the token price this weekend because of the 20% discount on the Shadowlands expansion. The offer will be from March 11-14 and will be for the: Base edition, Heroic edition, Epic edition that even has 30 days of game time. So the more expansive version you pick, the more the discount will get. More info about the different Shadowlands editions can be found here.

The Markets

  • Rising Glory has been going up for a few days. What the reason for the price increase is unknown to me atm.
  • Lightless Silk is gonna drop in value sooner or later. We have seen a little quantity drop during the week before Shadowlands patch 9.0.5 and now the quantity is gaining again. That will have a later effect on the price of the Lightless Silk and crafts.
  • In the last 2 weeks, the quantity of Ghost Iron Ore has more than doubled in both regions. Are farmers now going back to older content, people are offloading what still had in stock, or are the botters back? Prices should be dropping sooner or later for the ore as for the bars.
  • What we are seeing is that Living Steel is growing in price and the quantity keeps dropping. This could be in connection with the price increase of the Spirit of Harmony. Could this then be the reason why Ghost Iron Ore has been increasing in quantity?

This Weeks WoW Token Prices

Source: WoW Prices

  • EU Average: 192.357 WoW Gold Coin | Red Arrow Up 6.155 WoW Gold Coin from last week
  • US Average: 137.850 WoW Gold Coin | Green Arrow Down e1614978892420 99 WoW Gold Coin from last week