The Goldshire #2 | Phantasmal Haunch Hype and Legendary Price Spike

Not a lot has happened this week, but there is some odd movement going on with the Phantasmal Haunch. We also got Samadan's new video and are we gonna see a spike in the prices of the legendaries next week when Shadowlands patch 9.0.5 gets released?

The Goldshire Weekly Gold Making News

A New Hype for the Phantasmal Haunch?

Another great video from Manthieus that spotted this post on Reddit talking about why all of a sudden Phantasmal Haunch is being bought on several realms. The possible reason as explained in this vid is that with the upcoming Shadowlands 9.0.5 patch people are gonna push the mythic runs and by doing that, consuming feasts because of the better stats.

I have seen it happening as well on a couple of servers I flip on. If this is the case then I assume it won’t be only the Phantasmal Haunch that is gone see an increase in price in the upcoming week.

Feast of Gluttonous Hedonism should become the to-go for food when pushing those mythic dungeon runs. We might see an increase in the price of the feast as well and other related cooking materials like Spinefin PiranhaSilvergill PikeTenebrous Ribs, and the Elysian Thade. Depending on the economy of the realm you are on will determine as well if the prices will and with how much. 

I will say it is for me still a bit of a question mark, but if you have these kinds of materials in stock and want to get rid of them then now is the time. Don’t overpost and see if a reset is possible, also be greedy with the price. If this market is gonna lift off then you want to get a good profit out of it.

Sales Spike Legendaries in the first week of 9.0.5?

Next week Shadowlands patch 9.0.5  will get released with some changes. A couple of those changes are to the legendaries. This could mean that with the new stats on legendaries people are gonna swap their legendaries if there is any benefit from it. This could make the legendary prices bump up for a week. This may also affect the Missives and crafting materials. See if you can find any opportunities to buy some cheap rank 3’s and 4’s and repost them just before or after the reset.

Samadan’s Almost 1 Hour Video

‘Let’s Play’ episode 27 is all about the leatherworking and skinning professions. The unique thing about this video is that it is almost 1 hour long and he plays on 3 different characters.

Doing some profession leveling and some sales to show you how you can get started as well.

The Markets

  • Monelite ore is still going up while the quantity is going down for the EU, the US not a lot of quantity movement. Recommend to keep buying 60%-70% below region market and repost.
  • Spirit of Harmony supply is still dropping, and prices still going up but slow, and the same counts for the Mote of Harmony.
  • Phantasmal Haunch like mentioned before can become a great time to flip or even maybe craft with. Some servers are still very cheap to buy so fast.
  • If the rumors are true then we should see a price increase as well for the Feast of Gluttonous Hedonism. At the moment nothing special yet, but keep your eyes open.

This Weeks WoW Token Prices

Source: WoWTokenPrices

  • EU Average: 186.202 WoW Gold Coin | Green Arrow Down 99 WoW Gold Coin from last week
  • US Average: 137.949 WoW Gold Coin | Red Arrow Up 6.935 WoW Gold Coin from last week

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