Flipping Legion Herbs and Pigments

Sometimes you come across a great tip. Thanks to WillWebster I have a nice new investment and that is Legion herbs & pigments. Let's try it out and see how the flipping goes.

Buy Now, Sell Later

Why Legion Herbs and Maybe Even Pigments?

It has been a while since we were farming, milling, buying, and selling Legion herbs, but it seems it’s becoming an interesting investment by flipping them. During Legion, you could obtain other types of ink with Roseate pigment. This changed with Shadowlands and the Umbrail Ink has now become the currency for the ink trader, but because of its price, trading the ink for roseate and sallow pigments isn’t profitable. This leads to people buying the Legion herbs to mill them into Roseate and Sallow Pigment. As a result, considerably more Legion herbs are being sold and farmed making the price go up on a lot of realms.

The question remains for how long this price will stay high. For now, I would look at Legion herbs that are cheaper at the auction house and that you can flip unless milling them yourself gives a better profit.

What you will have to take into account is that it varies per realm what the price is per herb, so check your realm first. As a convenience, I have created a TradeSkillMaster string that you can import into your TradeSkillMaster addon. All Legion herbs as pigments are can be found in this group. The shopping price is a dbregionmarketavg value, so you may want to adjust this to dbmarket if you are on a high or full pop realm.

The Herbs

The herbs that are going up in price;



TradeSkillMaster String

Click the button to copy the TradeSkillMaster string to Import it into your addon.

Keep in mind that if you have the herbs already grouped, that you disable ‘moved already grouped items’.

Final Reminder

Flipping can be a risky thing, so it’s up to you if you want to dive into this market, so check your realm before you start buying. How long the prices will stay high depends on the market and the realm you are on. Be careful with resetting markets on high and full pop realms, good markets attract farmers that may be posting the times cheaper than you want to.