Flipping Items You May Not Know About

There are always items you did not know about that have a really good value to sell. Here is a list with a couple of flips you can make, including a TradeSkillMaster string for flipping these items.


Flipping What?

Did you ever come across an item while playing the game, watching a YouTube video, or reading a gold making article and you’re like, ‘there could be a market for this? I want to show you a couple of items that may or may not have thought to flip. Maybe you have never heard of the item before.

Keep in mind that I can’t guarantee fast or profitable sales because they are profitable for me and what you will pay for is also up to you, I’m just showing you a couple of items where people lot of time underestimate the value of and can be bought very cheaply.

List of Items

Lost Mail

One of my favorite items to flip is called the Lost Mail. There are two versions of it. The one that can’t be sold Lost Mail and the one Lost Mail that can be sold. By doing the questline by using the one that can’t be sold, you will receive the Lost Mail you can sell, but both will give you the Katys Stampwhistle toy. One thing to keep in mind is that the item is unique and you can only carry one at a time. If you have multiple ones then you have to keep them in your mailbox, on the auction house, or in the guild bank.

Fresh Talbuk Meat

No, it’s not meat that is used for cooking, but the Fresh Talbuk Meat is used for catching a hunter pet on Argus called ‘Panthera’. The meat drops from beasts on Argus and has a very low drop chance. Also does the meat not guarantee to tame the pet. The meat is very unknown to a lot of fo people what makes it interesting because it gets posted way below region value. It does sell slow but the profit can be really good and the competition is minimal.

Flawless Battle-Stone

Yes, there is a stone that you can sell that will makes a companion pet of rare quality. The Flawless Battle-Stone is an item that a lot don’t know of and makes it a great item to flip. The profit margin can be good and also here is competition way less of a thing.

Acient Mana Crystal & Ancient Mana Gem

If you did not play the Legion expansion then the Ancient Mana Crystal & Ancient Mana Gem can be two unknown items for you. These crystals and gems can be used to gain Ancient Mana that is needed for certain activities in Suramar. Cheap to invest in, low on competition, and is mostly bought as in multiples.

Jaina’s Locket

Jaina’s Locket is an item that creates a wormhole to Dalaran in Northrend that you and party/raid people can use. The item can only be obtained by killing the Lich King with the Shadowmourne. This can only be done once and means that obtaining it is not the easiest thing to do. This item is unique and can’t be carried more than one at a time. If you have multiple ones I recommend keeping them in your mailbox, guild bank, or post multiple ones on the auction house.


For anyone that is trying to get the Vial of the Sands recipe is gonna need these keystones called Tol’vir-Hieroglyphic to complete faster Archeology digs. Gets a lot of times posted below region value.

Soulful Healing Potion

The Soulful Healing Potion is a potion that can’t be crafted and can only be obtained from chests, caches, and Bloated Lootfly in Shadowlands. Again an underestimated item that sells decent and has a nice price tag when you sell it for the region value. The competition is low because of the lack of knowledge for this item.

TradeSkillMaster Import String

This TradeSkillMaster string is included with an auctioning and shopping operation. The prices are based on region values because they aren’t that common what could make the market values corrupt or incorrect. Keep in mind that when you import this string that these items may already be in one of your groups and can be moved if you haven’t disabled the option when asked. 

Last Words

Flipping doesn’t guarantee fast sales with profits. Be sure to check the market first before you start buying. The goal should be selling for region value to get the most out of it.

Try to discover for yourself items that are needed or wanted but aren’t that easy to obtain. That is where the value can be found.

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