The Gold Dipper Donations

Do I have to Donate?

Absolutely not! Donating is free of choice and I already appreciate it so much that you came and check out my content.
I’m not creating this content to make money but to help others. I got my knowledge for free, so why should ask for it, right?

But I do appreciate it very much.

What I Use the Donations For?

All donations are used to improve the quality of the website (content) and the podcast.


  • WordPress Plugins for More and Better Functions
  • Software for Editing Images
  • Audio Editing Software
  • Recording Equipment
  • And for Some Cheese…..
U.S. Dollars
  • Donations will not be refunded. You are responsible for the donation you make on the website.
  • The names and other info of people donating will stay anonymous.
  • Donations can be done in a monthly period or as a one-time-only.
  • A monthly U.S. Dollar or Euro donation will go automatically each month from your PayPal account.
  • A monthly donation can be canceled every month. There are no minimum requirements in months. The monthly donation can be canceled by going to your own PayPal account.
  • Only Patreons can get a donor role on the Gold Dippers Discord.