Dipping With Zanzarful

Zanzarful is a troll. Well not actually a troll, but a big fan of the race trolls. He's a allround gold maker, but he mostly streams farms like the mana-tombs. Read more about Zanzarful.


Dipping With Zanzarful

Zanzarful is a troll. Well not actually a troll, but a big fan of the race trolls. He's a allround gold maker, but he mostly streams farms like the mana-tombs. Read more about Zanzarful.


Zanzarful I want to thank you for having this interview with me.

Yeah, it’s my pleasure! Glad to be here.

I always ask about the names. Tell us something about the name Zanzarful.

Well, Zanzarful takes a lot of inspiration from my favorite race in WoW – The troll race and specifically the Zandalari trolls. The way I came up with the name was to make a 3 part name that took inspiration from troll names in the lore and game itself and I decided on – Zan / Zar/ Ful. It just sounded cool.
It does indeed and a lot of thought in the name.

What makes trolls so interesting for you?

I’m a Scandinavian from Denmark, so Vikings are something that’s deeply rooted in our culture and they have always been super interesting for me, and they really remind me a lot about them. On top of being the first major race on Azeroth, they are lovers of nature, have their own religion, big scary fighters, traders – the list goes on. I could go on for hours about how much I like trolls and why but then we would be here longer than I have farmed Mana-Tombs.

“I watched one of my friends at my schools library running around in Duskwood”

Mana-Tombs, we will get there in a minute, but first, how did you get into World of Warcraft?

Back in 2007, this was around the end of TBC where I watched one of my friends at my school library running around in Duskwood killing monsters and completing quests. I got really interested because I had never seen a game like this before. I’ve always been super into fantasy but also hyper fantasy so it just fits perfectly with my interests at the time. Ever since I started I have never stopped playing again, the whole world just swallowed me up.

Playing WoW in school?

Our librarian was a huge nerd when it came to WoW. He had the game installed on multiple of the school computers and showed us the game because we had shown previous interest in fantasy books. So every break we had we would sprint down to play WoW. We obviously got our own accounts very quickly and it just escalated from that point on. He would also run monthly lotteries for game time where we could earn tickets from reading books, and yes we ended up reading a ton of books.

Haha, that’s nice! Did you ever play the Warcraft strategy games to learn about the lore and stuff?

Only ended up playing Warcraft 3, Reign of Chaos, and The Frozen Throne – I spent a ton of time with the campaign but also all the fun and weird game modes. It just got me even more hooked on the stories and lore that Blizzard was providing.

Gold Making

How did you end up as a gold maker?

What first introduced me to gold making was needing gold for things like doing dungeons and completing raids. I started just by making enough to buy most of that and It wasn’t before the end of WoD that I fully got into gold making. WoD was not one of my favorite expansions and I was trying to find new things to do in the game that was interesting and fun and ended up on a couple of different YouTube channels and also Twitch streamers. I have always been interested in economy and marketing so it just spiraled into loving everything about gold making and specifically working with the Auction House. Gold making is the only reason I’m still playing the game to this day and I love talking about it more than anything which is why I stream and make YouTube videos myself now.

You were are raider before and you needed gold for consumables and stuff?

When I first started with raiding I did not really understand professions and the Auction House so I farmed raw gold to be able to buy what I needed from my guild at the time. I started raiding back in Wrath together with my cousin. It was mostly casual raiding until I went semi-hardcore in Legion, Legion being the expansion I tried my hardest and was a healing officer in my guild at the time. I didn’t enjoy the way PVE felt in BFA so I have mostly been doing gold making in this expansion. I’m excited about what Shadowlands has to bring tho!

Sounds very common. What kind of gold making are you doing at the moment?

My main thing is usually working the Auction House, flipping, resetting, and selling crafted items from professions with most items from the newest expansion, but also a good amount from the older ones. At the moment I’m spending a lot of time farming transmog, recipes, and old-world materials so I can have a comfortable stock ready to be a secondary revenue stream once Shadowlands releases.

“After 4873 runs, I got it!”

Talking about you’re farming. You had a bet about getting the Felsteel Longblade Plans in Mana-tombs right? What was the best and how did it go?

The wager was based on who could get the Felsteel Longblade first from Mana-Tombs. After 4873 runs and 27 other epic patterns/plans, I finally got the Felsteel Longblade.

Be aware of strong language (18+) in this video below.

Congrats, but 4.873 runs?! That’s insane! Do you have any data on how much raw gold you have earned from those runs?

I really like running Mana-Tombs and it’s a really linear fast dungeon, so it’s really nice to do. I recommend getting Outland Mining if anyone is to farm the dungeon themselves since there’s potential for Adamantite, Eternium, Khorium, Mote of Earth, and Mote of Fire from collecting the deposits in there. Now to the fun part! Based on the average amount of gold I’ve gotten per 10 runs in Mana-Tombs, it totals out to be 1.388.805 gold – the average per 10 runs being 2.850 gold.

That’s a nice amount. What are your plans for gold making in Shadowlands? Anything nice you have seen?

I enjoy gathering 2×4’s and leveling up my professions in BFA. I plan to do all those things once more and obviously trying my best to flipping and resetting the new markets. I’m excited to experience the new Auction House with an expansion release to see if the changes were good and needed!

I’m excited and curious as well about the new Auction House System when Shadowlands gets released. Last gold making question, how much liquid gold do you have?

7.421.431 gold I plan to invest in as much as possible before Shadowlands arrives but walks into the expansion with at least 5 million gold.

That’s a very nice amount and will be a very nice investment indeed.

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We know that you stream and have Twitter, but where else can we find you and what will we find there?

Besides Twitch and Twitter, you can find me on YouTube! You can expect 24-hour dungeon farms, Lockbox openings, Mailbox openings, and more really soon.

That is good to hear! I want to thank you for your time and effort for this great interview and let’s hope Shadowlands will make us even richer.

I appreciate you inviting me on! I had a great time and yes! Shadowlands will make any gold making enthusiast richer!