Dipping With Vahdis

When it comes to selling pets, it always comes to Vahdis. There is a big chance you have heard of this gold maker. He is often seen in the wow economy discord, Twitter and Reddit. Check out this interview.


Dipping With Vahdis

When it comes to selling pets, it always comes to Vahdis. There is a big chance you have heard of this gold maker. He is often seen in the wow economy discord, Twitter and Reddit. Check out this interview.


Vahdis, welcome, and thank you for doing this interview with me.

Thank you for doing these, they’ve been a lot of fun to read so far!

Good to hear that. I always start with the names. Tell us something about the name Vahdis.

Well, back in Mist of Pandaria I thought Demon Hunters were really cool and I was terrible with names so I ended up naming my monk ‘Varedis’ after a Demon Hunter NPC. My guild leader at the time would sometimes mispronounce it in the heat of tense raid fights and it ended up sounding like ‘Vahdis’ and I started to use that for alts and eventually all my gold making characters.

“My dad was big into MMO’s like Everquest when I was young”

Funny how you came with that name from someone mispronouncing it. Did you start playing World of Warcraft during Mist of Pandaria?

No, quite a few years earlier actually. My dad was big into MMO’s like Everquest when I was young. When he first tried out World of Warcraft in 2005, I was glued to his shoulder watching him play for a couple of years. I finally got my own account in The Burning Crusade!

That’s awesome! Does your father still play World of Warcraft?

He does, but not nearly as much. He’ll play a month or so each big patch and get his professions up every expansion, but that’s about it. He’s been hooked on Classic though and playing that a ton lately.

You are a well-known gold maker and you have a lot of knowledge, but I always have this idea that you rather stay a bit in the background. Am I right?

I like to help people out with gold making and make a few guides, but I’ve just never really got the motivation to make any videos or regular guides. I’ve certainly considering making more guides and trying to get some more knowledge out there on both the beginner side and the higher end sides of gold making. I just need to find the motivation and outlet that pushes me to do it…

Gold Making

I did see some guides of you on Reddit about pets. Are pets your favorite thing to sell and talk about?

By far! I started getting into gold making seriously back in Mist of Pandaria and it started with using pets to move gold from my old server to my main server. I really just love the variety and the flexibility of the market. There are over 500 trade-able pets in the game, and there are dozens of servers to choose from. You never know what deals or what sales you’ll have on each server making it hard to get bored of compared to things like farming or crafting.

“I’m a patient gold maker”

How do you start selling pets on other servers? Do you have a way of researching before starting on one?

When looking for a new server I try and pick a medium population server and then check The Undermine Journal’s Battle Pets page. I skim down the list and look for low quantities and high prices. I don’t like much competition or low prices, I’m a patient gold maker so these servers are great for me and all my pets! At the end of the day, it’s trial and error, you’ll never really know how good a server is until you start posting.

I have that same mindset, less competition, decent profits or it’s not worth it for me. Now with the upcoming linking of low pop realms, it seems we won’t have any low or medium pop realms left soon. Are you noticing the effects of the linked realms?

These connections have been interesting for sure. The end goal seems to be to make all servers close to a high population so I’m certainly going to have to adjust to more competition. Prices are all over the place at the moment with the Brutosaur going away soon, the end of the expansion, and all these connections I’m just waiting for Shadowlands to let things settle before making any changes to my setup.

Yeah absolutely! Talking about Shadowlands, anything you’re looking forward to as for gold making in Shadowlands?

New pets are coming of course, but for the most part flipping battle pets never changes. They will sell just as they always have.

Yeah, and I read something last week about you dumping pets and someone sending it back because it was too cheap?

The auction house throttles posting near 400 auctions, to save time on my servers I post pets under 2000 gold for 1 silver. The other day I had a player return one to me thinking I made a mistake so I thanked them, told them to keep the pet, and gave them a gift for being kind. The gold making community can be cutthroat at times so I love to see people being helpful!

It’s so good to see people can still be so kind in communities like these. We need more of this kind of person. How many realms are you on at the moment and can you give us a rough estimate of how much liquid gold you have at the moment?

At the moment I’m on about 35 servers, and the last time I checked earlier this summer I was a little over 300 million liquid gold.

You can buy some brutos with that.

3 Answers


  1. The Undermine Journal It’s unbeatable with all the graphs it has for both servers and the region.
  2. TradeSkillMaster Web Ledger A priceless new web tool for tracking sales and profits.
  3. Twitter Staying up to date with the latest WoW news and other gold makers is the main reason I’ve delved so deep into the community!


Battle Pets;

  1. Spectral Tiger Cub The first pet that got me to sell pets to afford it.
  2. Anubisath Idol An all-around great cheap battle pet.
  3. Searing Scorchling “Reth Reth Reth!”


Gold Makers;

  1. BilisOnyxia
  2. Samadan
  3. Gumdrops He made the Gold Making Community we know today.



  1. TradeSkillMaster
  2. BattlePetCageMatch If you ever sell battle pets you NEED to check this out.
  3. Bagnon Inventory management is more important than most realize!


This was a very informative interview I have to say, but where can people go to and find more gold making stuff about you?

My Twitter is where I post and share a lot of gold making stuff but I mainly just hang around the WoW Economy Discord, if you ever have any questions or just want to chat with other gold makers you have to visit!

Do you have anything to add to this great interview or something you want to say?

I feel like some of my answers were a little long-winded but I just love this community and had a lot to say! Thank you for having me and I hope you continue doing more, they’ve been a blast to read and take part in!

It was my pleasure doing this interview with Vahdis. Thank you.