Dipping With The Lazy Goldmaker

Call him lazy, call him rich, call him a true goblin. The Lazy Goldmaker is a very well known figure in the gold making community. Here you can read all about it.

Lazy Goldmaker
Lazy Goldmaker

Dipping With The Lazy Goldmaker

Call him lazy, call him rich, call him a true goblin. The Lazy Goldmaker is a very well known figure in the gold making community. Here you can read all about it.

The Lazy Goldmaker

Lazy Goldmaker, great to have you here, and thank you for doing this interview with me.

Nice of you to have me, this should be fun.

Well, we can imagine what a Lazy Goldmaker is, but what gave you the idea to use that name?

It is a bit self-explanatory, I don’t like farming for gold, so I have to do find a more lazy way to do it. Then when I decided to start the website I had to have a name that easily explained the idea, and I think the Lazy Goldmaker does that. I like to joke with a guy in my classic guild that loves farming that I’ve never worked a day in my life.

Yeah, we have seen you play a lot of classic lately. What makes classic for you so much fun?

Mostly just the social aspect. My friends went back into classic and pulled me along. Then we found a great guild to raid with which has been a lot of fun. We are currently the EU #1 fastest guild in the no world buffs category for AQ40. Not that any of the hardcore guilds care about it. From a gold making point of view, I do find retail more interesting, and I’m planning to dip back into retail raiding at a casual level when Shadowlands comes around.

That’s awesome. Have you played back in Vanilla?

Yeah, I bought WoW sometime around the Blackwing Lair patch of Vanilla, I’ve been playing off and on but I’ve played at least a bit of every expansion.

And was that in the same way you now play classic? Targeting end game?

I’ve raided in Wrath of the Lich King, Mist of Pandaria, and Legion, and just played casually in the other expansions. I’ve realized that raiding and a good guild is essential for me to truly enjoy the RPG-y character improvement aspect of the game. I’ve had fun with gold making in BfA, but I’ve realized with Classic I could have had much more fun if I’d also gone into end-game PvE.

Good to hear that you find so much enjoyment in the game. What’s your favorite class?

Either DK or Warlock. I absolutely loved affliction in the Lich King era. I’m an altoholic though and I switch mains every expansion as I like variety.

Gold Making

You said ‘I had so much fun doing gold making in Battle for Azeroth’. What was so fun about it for you?

Mostly BoE flipping. Particularly the beginning of patch 8.3 and corrupted gear which was one of the most hilarious markets I’ve ever delved into. The initial boost at the beginning with Darkmoon decks and combatant gear was also great, although by the end I’m pretty burned out on scrapping tidespray bracers, thankfully that’s all in the past.

“I’ve made about 15 million gold in profits from BoE’s”

How much do you think you have made with the BoE flipping?

I don’t have my numbers for the entire expansion, but I’ve made about 15 million gold in profits from BoE’s since the beginning of February 2019. That’s when I actually started recording my results. I made a good bit flipping the world drop weapons before that though, so the real number is probably 1-3 million gold higher.

Those are some great numbers. Is making gold in classic also that great?

I spend too much gold in Classic, so I’m not crazy rich. I splurge on consumables in raids like crazy. It’s also more time-consuming as the best method is just volume crafting tons of consumables. BoE’s are much easier to price correctly in classic so there aren’t any super lazy methods that work well there. Being able to just splurge on best in slot consumables, enchants and brute-forcing reputations are one of the perks of gold making though, so I don’t mind. Past a certain point gold does not have much value in Classic anyway, not like retail where you can always buy tokens.

Maybe change it to The Active Goldmaker in Classic? Are there a lot of differences between Classic and Retail gold making besides volume?

With the old auction house in classic, it is much easier to make gold flipping materials and getting sales above market value with smart stacking. Also, it feels like Classic players want to farm the stuff they need to a greater degree than retail. At least that seems to be the case with people in my guild, with many players having herbalism alts. Profit margins in many markets are thin in classic, but that’s certainly the case in retail right now as well.

Yeah, how are your amounts of sales and profits going so far? After all the linking, ending of the expansion, and the removal of the Brutosaur. Do you feel the impact on it?

Haven’t really felt the Brutosaur or the linking much. My sales are trending down, but that’s because I’m exiting the BoE market as corrupted gear will be dead in the pre-patch. There aren’t many Brutosaur hopefuls that are into heavy BoE flipping or cross-realm battle pets. People who are active in those markets are generally rich enough to have bought it a long time ago.

Well, that’s ok then! So what are your thoughts on gold making in Shadowlands?

Hard to say until things are finalized, but professions look very interesting from what we know. The optional reagents will add a lot of pricing complexity and will give large advantages to players with all professions available. For flipping markets, it’s hard to say. The removal of warforging will certainly hurt BoE flipping, so we’ll see if that is as good as it has been in Legion and Battle for Azeroth.

“Look for items that are useful at max level”

True. Do you have any tips for people that want to start with crafting or flipping?

Look for items that are useful at max level, that’s always where gold moves the fastest. Get an addon like Tradeskillmaster that shows the crafting cost and value of an item and you can craft and sell it if it’s profitable. Flipping is generally not the best entry-level market in retail anymore though, as the new auction house makes it much harder to get the sale. Materials and consumables can still work well, but you will generally have to wait a month at least to make back your initial investments.

Those are some helpful tips Lazy Goldmaker, thank you.

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You have a websiteTwitch ChannelPatreon siteDid I forget anything?

That’s about it. I do hang out on Twitter and I have a solo podcast called the World of Goldcraft that you can find on my website, on Spotify, or on your favorite podcast app.

We know we can find a lot of fantastic posts on your website for classic and retail gold making, but what can we find on your Patreon?

On Patreon, you can get early access to everything on my website, as well as my full TSM setup, which includes all the settings I personally used to make gold.

That’s worth a look. When do you stream?

I stream Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. 20-2330 CEST on Thursdays and Sundays and 21-2400 CEST on Tuesdays.

Well, be sure to check that out! Do you have anything to add to this interview or want to say to the readers?

Have fun with it, gold making and WoW is supposed to be fun. You’ll also be more effective if you enjoy yourself!

Lazy Goldmaker, I want to thank you for your time and your knowledge. Great to have you for an interview.

Great to be here!