Dipping With Sharken

Sharken is a well know figure in gold making community as he is one of the pioneers when it comes to farming spots. In this Dipping With interview we will explore some of Sharken's ideas.

Dipping With Sharken

Sharken is a well know figure in gold making community as he is one of the pioneers when it comes to farming spots. In this Dipping With interview we will explore some of Sharken's ideas.


Sharken, great to have you here doing this interview, and welcome back to gold making.

It’s great to be back from a long break and thank you for inviting me hereto do this interview.

No problem. Let’s start with the name Sharken808. Why the name Sharken and does the 808 have any meaning?

Sharken was my hunters name a few expansions back which in turn also made my battle net ID as Sharken. So I guess it just stuck around after that. and the 808 is an inside joke for myself.

Okay, now people want to know what the 808 stands for.

Stick around and maybe you will find out one day Jack.

How long have you been playing World of Warcraft?

I started World of Warcraft at the end of Vanilla with The Burning Crusade launch before I even hit 60.

“Warcraft 3 was my childhood”

How did you found out about World of Warcraft?

Warcraft 3 was my childhood and when Vanilla came around my friends and I was excited to jump into this crazy world and have adventures together.

Can you remember the first day you played it and how was it?

I cannot recall the exact date but my first character was a Tauren shaman. leveling through the barrens was a wild ride back in Vanilla.

Did you raid or PvP back then or any other goal?

I did not raid or pvp back in vanilla. my main goal was exploration as I wanted to see every bit of the amazing world Blizzard had built for us. but in The Burning Crusade, I dipped my toes into the raiding scene with the low raids.

Nowadays, still the same goals in World of Warcraft?

Its been many expansions since The Burning Crusade. Since then I have found my love of the gold making community. in particular the transmog farming community. my goal now is to have enough gold comfortably and enjoy the game with like-minded individuals.

Gold Making

What made you wanna start doing gold making?

The reason to start making gold is an easy one. to play the game I love for free and doing something I enjoy. So I went looking for away.

Where did you look and what did you found?

I went through trying different ways to make gold such as crafting, playing the auction house game, gathering, begging, and finally landed on transmog farming through old content.

“The adrenaline rush when you find something amazing”

What do you like so much about transmog farming?

The adrenaline rush when you find something amazing. Sharing that experience with friends using the loot appraiser challenge addon.

What is for you the most difficult part about gold making?

The most difficult part about gold making is determining what to do with your time. Should I do something I enjoy and get less gold per hour, or do something I do not enjoy and get a higher gold per hour. I struggled to do other methods such as gathering as it felt like a job. Gather for 1 hour and get an average of 500 ore which sells for 5000 gold. Do that for 2 hours get 10000 gold total.

Do you have rules when it comes to selling transmog like posting time, price, already posted amounts?

Not more of a guideline. I sell stuff I believe that people will buy. Looking at sell rates and popular transmog that I have sold over the years. If I have more time in the day I will focus more on undercut scans, other days I may only post once every day or two days. Anytime is a good time to post transmog or do an undercut scan. To ensure I am the lowest price for that transmog at that given time.

How much transmog do you post?

Usually, I would post around 2000 transmog at any time on a server, but due to the auction house cancel changes I have cut that down a bit. focus my time on the faster selling or higher value auctions.

How is your gold making gonna be in the first 3 months of Shadowlands?

I have a good supply of transmog so I no longer need to farm during the first few months of shadowlands. My goal is to move into the profession market in my server. Soak up the fountain of knowledge on the WoW Economy Discord and other content creators who give great information, and succeed in the crafting and flipping area of gold making.

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You have been active again on Twitch and YouTube. If we go to your Twitch channel, what can people find there?

My twitch is a place where all Goblins are welcome. we go through and do what makes us happy on any given day. some days we may do transmog farms, other days we make an army of mages to craft daily cooldowns.

You also have now a Twitter account, you gonna be active on there as well?

I am focusing on ensuring my Twitch and Youtube is up to date before I pursue Twitter. for now, it’s a few posts to keep everyone updated in the future!

Great and of course you have your own Discord, did I miss anything where people can find you?

People may also find me in Melbourne in Australia too! Anyone can reach out to me on Discord and I will respond promptly.

Well Sharken, anything you wanna add to this interview or say to the readers?

I wish everyone the best of luck in the upcoming expansion for their gold making goals! have an amazing time in World of Warcraft and together let’s make the goblin community even larger!

Indeed! Sharken, thank you for doing this interview with me and we will see you soon.

Thanks for having me, Jack!