Dipping With Samadan

Samadan is the Bob Ross of gold making. With his great crafting and TSM guides he will make you in no time a next level gold maker.


Dipping With Samadan

Samadan is the Bob Ross of gold making. With his great crafting and TSM guides he will make you in no time a next level gold maker.


Sam, I want to thank you for joining this interview with me and welcome.

Thanks! A pleasure to be here!

I always start with the name. Tell us something about the name Samadan.

Samadan comes from an auto-generated name in Everquest. It was the first MMO I played, I made a human Ranger and the suggested name was Samadan, so I went with that ever since.

Did you come in contact with World of Warcraft by playing Everquest?

Yes, I was a big fan of Warcraft III, I got the World of Warcraft trailer on DVD with the collector’s edition and was ready to play as soon as it came out.

Was that back in 2005?

Probably, my memory is not as good as it once was. My first experience was in the open beta.

If you could pick one thing that makes you like World of Warcraft. What would it be?

The art.

Could you elaborate on that a bit more?

The visuals in World of Warcraft are always so excellently done. The concept of art is brilliant. As a 3D artist myself I can appreciate all the technical effort that goes into making World of Warcraft.

“I’d love to re-create the whole planet using the game assets”

If Ion Hazzikostas would call you tomorrow and ask you to join the team as a 3D artist, what would you like to work on?

Hah! I’d love to re-create the whole planet using the game assets. I also want to make a wagon for my Brutosaur to hold a Bank and Guild Bank with a mailbox on a pogo stick.

Well Ion, if you’re reading this. Give him a call!

Gold Making

Can you describe to us what kind of gold maker you are?

Professions all the way. I tried other methods, but making gold with professions really suits my style.

Is that how you started making your gold, doing professions?

I dabbled in the early days with Enchanting and Tailoring for my own character, but when I came back in Legion, that’s when I went full-on with the same 2 professions and built it from there.

What made you start gold making?

It was the wow token mainly. Once I got flying in Legion it seemed the next natural step, why not pay for game-time by playing the game making gold? Win-Win!

How long have you now been playing without paying with real money?

Since about July 2017!

“Gold Cap is the next natural choice”

That’s impressive! You don’t pay for the game anymore, you got your first million and the Bruto, what’s next?

Gold Cap is the next natural choice. I don’t have any specific targets or mounts to aim for. It will be nice to just keep building and enjoying the game the way I do.

Great challenge Sam! Let’s say that I’m a new player and I want to make gold. I know you always say ‘do what you like’, but what if I want to make some big numbers. What would you advise me to do?

The best way to get big numbers is to really understand the markets you are playing with. Learn what players want and what you can provide. Flipping is a great choice if you have the knowledge. But, yes. Always make sure you are having fun. This is a game to be enjoyed.

Well, there you have it people, understand the markets, and learn what others want. Shadowlands is just around the corner, what are you gonna do the very first day and which professions are you gonna skill up first?

I’m going to enjoy the story and level Samadan first. Once he’s at 60 I’ll max out Tailoring and Enchanting. Then I’m going to bring in every other character with professions and max those, then pick 3 alts to take to 60 and choose 1 for every Covenant. I’m going to be busy!

Sounds like a plan Sam!

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You just started streaming full-time on Twitch, started a Patreon page, YouTube channel, and your own Discord. What can we find on your Patreon and YouTube?

On my Patreon, I share pastebins of all my TSM 4.10 groups along with high res art and behind the scenes posts. On YouTube I do guides for gold making and TSM as well as my Let’s Play series over on Lightbringer NA.

Time to sign up people, but that’s some great things that are helpful. When do you stream on Twitch?

Mainly, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday at 7 pm UK time Sunday is the Wowhead Economy Blog which I write. I have also been adding extra days on Wednesday and Friday. I post the week’s schedule on Twitter and in my Discord.

Good to know! Do you have any final words or a comment to add to the interview?

Have fun! Be nice, be kind. Enjoy the journey! As I like to say “Happy Gold Making, and I’ll see you very soon!”

Well said, Sam. I want to thank you for doing this interview. It was fun and informative.

No problem buddy. Good to see you back making content!