Dipping With ProfitzTV aka Mr. LootAppraiser

I had the privilege of doing an interview with the one and only Mr. LootAppraiser himself, ProfitzTV. He is an old school gold maker way before most of us we're even making gold. He is also working on a new addon that you can read more about here.


ProfitzTV, welcome, and thank you for joining me in this interview.

Thank you, good sir and it’s an honor to be here. Thank you for thinking of me and including me with the other people you’ve interviewed prior. Much respect to you and all of them.

Well, you are a big name in the gold making community, and talking about names, how did you come with the name ProfitzTV?

Appreciate that comment. Thank you. I actually started with WoWProfitz, meaning World of Warcraft and Profitz then went to ProfitzTV when I decided to be more of an entertainment, streamer, with live content. Profitz simply meaning-making profit and put the Z in there because it’s what the cool kids were doing at the time. LOL

So when did cool kid ProfitzTV start playing World of Warcraft?

Hah. I actually remember a friend of mine showing it to me. He was running around in the Barrens at the time. I found it interesting having a huge childhood with dungeons & dragons and fantasy. I started playing the tail-end of BC.

What did you do at the beginning of playing World of Warcraft?

Great question. For me, it was an immersion into the game and learning it. I played long hours and spent most nights and early mornings leveling. A small group of IRL friends got together each night as well in groups whether it was dungeons or attempting to do prior raid content. Good times.

What faction, race and class did you play?

I played Horde in the beginning. I like in your face gameplay, being in the action and leading the lines so my first ever toon as an undead warrior. I played that consistently until Wrath came out and then parked him at level 55 for a while and probably like many others, rolled a DK, and took on armies by myself…that is until they nerfed it.

Do you still have that character?

Unfortunately no. I have a strange habit of deleting all my toons and starting over. In fact, I did this on stream, called in Project Terminus, and since then, have deleted all my guys 5x. There is something magical in starting over. I just love it.

I can understand that. It’s like doing it all over fresh.


Gold Making

When did you start making gold a part of your World of Warcraft adventure?

2013 Was the magical year of ProfitzTV. I started as a blogger, the website is still out there actually with some old content still applicable to today. The first-ever post about gold making was Tastefully True.

What was the reason for you to start making gold?

That’s a great question and I can’t remember someone ever asking me that so you’re the first. For me, it was a game within a game. There was a challenge to it back then and it allowed me to supply my family, who also plays with me, materials, bags, flying expenses, etc. Then after doing it for a little while, it was an addiction. It’s all I wanted to do. From mobile phone alerts and picking up greens to flip, to selling new items looted. It was glorious!

Any idea how much you made weekly?

Looking at the blog and thinking back, it varied by the day but during the week totals, it was a couple to several hundred thousand golds. Mostly all with flips and transmog.

since most people don’t know how to use the auction house properly

You didn’t use professions?

Actually no. I was purely what I like to call, a treasure finder or collector of rares. I made all my gold with farming people, working the auction house. I flipped and dealt with transmogs. Even today, I still don’t do crafting. My thought is, since most people don’t know how to use the auction house properly, even with addons, I take advantage of undercutting between crafters and sell as if I maxed all professions without maxing any.

I can totally relay as in “most people don’t know how to use the auction house properly” because that is a huge problem. What kind of advice would you give people that don’t know that.

Good question and when I help people I focus on understanding the basics. Learn what you are doing without any addons. Learn the basics and build on it otherwise, people run the risk of adding bad habits to an addon which speeds things up and automates processes so you could potentially lose more faster. I told someone the other day who was underselling below vendor cost that just because you get a ‘sale’ doesn’t mean you made a profit. Everyone wants to be more efficient but don’t take the time to learn the processes first.

That’s what I always say, making gold isn’t about making sales, but about the amount of profit you make per sale. Great advice there.

True. It’s an art. Anyone can possess materials or a rare item, but it’s the art of the craft that comes with the sale, the profit.

Why did you stop with the website? Does it seem you know your stuff and all?

Good question. I walked away from the game, in fact, a few times simply because life happened. I thought about doing another site but with the way things are, I moved toward YouTube a bit and started building that.
Most of the time now I don’t spend a lot of gaming. I found a passion in life to simply enjoy it more, outdoors, nature, family time with my wife, etc. That’s my passion now.

That is good to hear and I hope you will keep doing that ProfitTV.

Absolutely! Life goes by fast…trust me.

A lot of people are familiar with this great addon LootAppraisser. How did you come up with that name?

I’m so pleased about how popular this is. Never would have imagined it. It all started with me doing some post-processing spreadsheet work after running certain dungeons, raids, and world locations. I use to manually tabulate all the value in a spreadsheet to see if I would go back to that place afterward but got tired of spending 4 hours in-game then another 2 hours crunching numbers. I thought how could I make this smarter for me. Then looked into doing some coding and came up with LootAppraiser and Looted Item Value (LIV). It was a way to tell me right away that I found something of worth and to remind me to hold onto it for the auction house.

At the moment LootAppraiser has been downloaded 1,5 million times. That is an insane number.

Yes, can you imagine that? I always say I’m not a developer because I’m not. I made that up based upon a spreadsheet. So crazy. I had some good friends who helped me through the earlier versions testing it, bug hunting! Those shoutouts can be found in LootAppraiser’s about tab in the addon itself.
Imagine if I made $1 for every download! fuels up Porsche. LOL!

Are there any changes made to the addon compared to the very first released version?

Absolutely. Initially, it would only provide you with a list of values from your loot based upon the threshold you set. Since then, continually using it myself, I like to include functional services to keep me farming more. Some of the features added were deleting gray items to free up bag space or interacting with a vendor to sell items quickly, ignoring soulbound items, quality filtering, integration with TheUndermineJournal instead of just TradeSkillMaster, resetting dungeons, etc.

Nice! There are even people that made extensions to LootAppraiser like the LootAppraiser Challenge addon that also has over 272.000 downloads. That must feel great that people do that.

Yes. Testerle is the mastermind behind LootAppraiser Challenges. I also added him to the LootAppraiser project when I reached out to the masses if anyone wanted to help me with it. He made some major changes to LootAppraiser and eventually developed LootAppraiser Challenge which is super popular and many large streamers internationally use both. He’s a great guy. I think he’s also doing Conan Exiles development now too with in-game mods. Awesome!

Ever thought about making another addon after this success?

Already in the works. I have some changes planned for LootAppraiser of course but again, as I play World of Warcraft, there are always small improvements I want or to do something my own way so I’m creating an auction house addon.
I’m learning a lot about how addons interact with the auction house. The more I learn the more I want to build out with the addon. I always start with the basics and then build on from there so the first version will be very basic, probably won’t even make it available, but functional. Wouldn’t it be an awesome feeling to post my first auction with my own addon?

“I’m building it some intelligence so people never under the list below vendor”

That would be great! You do understand that this is some really big news you just told us right?

I do. I in fact have goosebumps every time I talk about it. It’s actually happening and I spend some time on it over the week. I’m not a developer so it will probably take me longer than someone who is but I’m enjoying it. My mind works like the code works so that part is easy. Thinking methodically, logically, etc. One of the biggest things about this auction house addon will be, you won’t lose gold. I’m building it some intelligence so people never under the list below vendor, or lose profit margins without knowing but at the same time, keeping it very basic. From the beginner, for the beginner. No need to get complicated. Keep it simple.

Well, I think a lot of people are going to be very excited about this news. We can’t wait for ProfitzTV.

Appreciate that good sir.

3 Answers




  • Digmaster 5000. It was the first very very very rare item I acquired while streaming too! I made a YouTube video about it. I still have it because I refuse to sell it. Someone offered 2 million gold and I turned it down. Going back to my earlier statement, I’m a collector…a treasure hunter, and not many have ever looted this over the years.
  • BAGS!!! I NEED BAGS!!!!
  • Ice Cold Milk


Gold Makers;

  • Jim Younkin
  • Cold
  • Fade

These folks are old-timers. They helped me get a strong understanding of gold making when I was learning.



So what are you up to these days besides working on LootAppriaser and a new addon?

Enjoying life brother! I have a lot of hobbies and enjoy them. I work behind a computer, game behind a computer, and now spending most of my time away from a computer. Hiking, biking, health/wellness, gemstones/crystals, cooking, herbalism/naturalist, etc. All of it with my wife. It’s amazing when you open your mind to new things and when you feel better about yourself, the universe embraces you.

Awesome to hear that! You also live stream and you did say something about YouTube?

Yes, I stream on Twitch, my vids can be found on YouTube, I use Twitter and I have an Instagram 

What can we find on your Twitch and YouTube?

Twitch and YouTube are mostly gaming related although, I do have some IRL content on YouTube. Most of my IRL stuff is on Instagram and also my personal Facebook page.

And people can also follow you on CurseForge for the latest addon changes and developments + a brand new LootAppraiser Discord where people can hang out or ask questions about LootAppraiser.

Yes sir! I’m open as well if people have ideas for LootAppraiser, the auction house addon I’m working on, or content-wise.

ProfitzTV, I want to thank you for this insane interview. Do you have anything to add to this interview or to say to the readers?

I appreciate you Jack and what you are doing. It’s great to get some insight from others and to read about them, to get to know them a bit. Everyone has to remember to be kind. People, families, are behind the keyboards. Be extra-human these days. Also, thanks for having me. There are some great people out there doing awesome things to bring people together and you are one of them. Blessings to you, your family, and everyone reading this. Peace.

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